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The season is approaching very quickly now. The Striped Bass should be migrating their way north any day now. Our boat is just about ready for the season. Here's what we added to the boat this off season:

The best of the best in fish finding electronics.

All new, more comfortable seating arrangements.

Brand new custom enclosure.

With more to come throughout this season!

Our charter book is starting to fill up for May and June Stripers. April Striper and Blackfish Trips will start in the beginning of the month. Open Boat Trips and Charters will be available We have plenty of charter dates available for the remainder of the season as well.

The entire crew on FISH STIX looks forward to kicking the season off as soon as possible. We are also looking forward to seeing all our loyal customers and meeting tons of new this year! We strive to make our boat THE BEST charter operation on the water and OBVIOUSLY catch LIMITS of whatever we fish for!!!!

And remember, your fishing with FISH STIX, we fish ALL DAY if we have to!

See you soon....



First and foremost to all the Superstorm Sandy victims, we hope your doing ok and we can always rebuild. "JERSEY STRONG"!!

Well, the 2012 season was great with our new boat. We caught tons of fish this year. Numerous Boat limits of Stripers and a few BIG ones at that. Numerous Boat limits of Seabass, Fluke, and Blackfish. As well as catching some nice big blues, porgies and triggerfish. Fishing was fun this year.

The boat has been getting upgraded all season long, but some more big upgrades coming this winter. All to make it a big, comfortable, fishing machine for all of you.

Most importantly, all of our customers, you guys cannot be any better. Some, are now even friends. Without all of you, it would be tough to make a living. So, THANK YOU, so very much. We hope to better our charter fishing business every season to make it the perfect boat and crew for you.

We have T shirts, sweatshirts, hats and stickers coming in February. If you would like anything, t shirts$15, sweatshirts$25, hats$12 and stickers are FREE with any purchase. Please email me with what you would like with sizes.

At this time we are fully open for charter booking for the upcoming 2013 season. We will be back in the water by mid March 2013.

Lastly, I hope the crew and I of Fish Stix, pleased everyone with personal best catches and great times with friends and family. And we hope to do it again this year, BUT BETTER.

See you soon,

Capt Kris

Seabass fishing is for beginners and pros! Another fishery (when open) is in the Spring and Fall.

We use clams on a custom hi-lo rig with the sinker on the bottom. Some like to also add some Gulp to the hooks too, it works. Sometimes Gulp is all they want.

It's kind of like Blackfishing, but it really doesn't matter if your sinker is moving around. Ling is a great by catch while fishing for Seabass. Depending on the weather, you can drift instead of dropping an anchor. If is kind of rough out, you put a spread of 2 anchors instead of one, to reduce swinging fast. Most of these soft bait thieves are around 1-2lbs but some are 2-4lbs and even up to around 6-7lbs if your lucky! Grab your favorite rod and hop on board! Bring the wife and little ones on these trips! Photo 150 keeper Seabass & over 65 Ling for the 6 passenger crew!

Bucktailing with strips and a Gulp teaser is the ticket these days. Use a 3-8 ounce Bucktail of your color choice, we always say white, on the bottom and a 6" Gulp grub above that. Fishing wrecks and mostly really rough rocky bottom for these flatties. Bucktailing is so much fun. Kids and adults can do it easily, just be patient. All you have to do is bounce it a little. Wait, wait, wait, I gotta hanger. SWING! Slow and steady wins the race. Want keepers? This is the way to catch them. Some days you get double header keepers, not to mention double header 5 pounders. Our trips are BYOB&G, bring your own bucktails & gulp, we supply everything else. Make sure to bring PLENTY, due to the rough bottom. Darren can't save them all!

Starting in April, the stripers will be working their way back up to the north. Some smaller fish show up in our area, feeding on small baits and clams up at the clam beds, so using fresh clams, jigging with diamond jigs, crocs and plastics work best. Most fish average around 10-30lbs. In May, it gets hot! The adult bunker show up, and so do the COWS! Throwing a 20' cast net and filling the live well works best to keep baits alive, that way you're always ready for a blitz! Starting mid to late October all the way through December we go back to targeting Stripers on jigs as well.

There's nothing like fishing inshore with big live baits, catching big Stripers! Reels screaming and big fish hitting the deck one after the other. But don't let them fool you, sometimes it HAS to be "snag and drop". Or if your lucky, you can get them up top with pencil poppers. It's awesome watching a 40lb+ Bass CRUSH your bait! These Striped Bass stay in our area from roughly May through maybe the first week of July. Fish ranging from 25 to well over 50lbs! Photo 55lb+ live lining bunker.

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