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Saturday 10/13 we had Hanz, Bob, Louis and the "Pa Boys" out for seabass. Headed out at 6:15am to be greeted with 4-7ft nasty chop. We waited it out in the river till about 8:15, it was just too rough out. Finally left and started our way on some chop. Ended up to be a beautiful ocean by 10am. Figured we would start with porgies to at least fill a basket if the seabass didn't cooperate, so we did. Off to seabass. Went right to a dump that's always good, only taking 1 keeper!!! Uh ohh. Went back to the area we kinda were and it was drop and reel seabass for a few. Nice fish coming over the rail. Fish would ONLY bite on the drift. Wind changed and made it very tough to stay on them, power drifting for hours. Drift a spot, get bites like hell, drop the anchor, not a scratch. By days end we ended up with roughly 60-70 porgies, some nice jumbos and just over 50 nice seabass. Thanks guys.