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Today we had Jim,Tj, Ed, Sheryl and Chuck the anchor man. Plan for the day was bass,bottom,bass. Struck out on bass in the am, and the blackfishing was horrible again. Around 1pm we started looking for something. Found some life but all blues. Played with them for a while before we decided to head towards home. Found the mother load of bass and it was game on jigging. Couple of blues mixed in at first but then all bass from 29" to over 20lbs! Pretty much not stop action for over 2 hours. Finally some good fishing. Probably hooked around 20 bass or so. Also missing another 20, due to jigging right on the sand. Put in a long day and it payed off and saved the trip! Everyone did well catching their fair share of fish. Ended our day with a limit + of 11 bass and a blackfish. Nice job and thanks again guys! The bass are here baby!