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Today we had Murray, Dave, Ed and Mike for stripers. Went right to where we have been catching. Arrived in the dark and immediately marked the bait everywhere. Knew it was gonna be game on. As the sun was rising, there it was screen lit top to bottom with bass. Jigs in, and only 2 blues! Had same readings a dozen more times only to catch a thousand blues. Moved southeast and the bass were up top all over the place. Put a few in the boat there. Then every boat from the northeast arrived like Mosquitos and it was over. Moved inshore. H myself and picked a couple more. Headed towards home and got another on some insane readings. Tons of blues today, too many to even think about having an estimated count. The bass, wtf? Something was up with those suckers today. Read em all day long only to pick 6, and also losing a bunch close to the boat. But with the readings, it shoulda been game over by 10am. Still, good fishing, lots of catching. The guys had fun and we called it an early day around 1:45pm. Had our 6 STRIPERS and a half a dozen blues for the smoker. Thanks again guys!