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Well it's been a long break for us, canceling more trips then i could imagine. After going stir crazy for weeks and taking care of the minor repairs from that **** Sandy, we made it out for blackfish today.

We had Mark and his crew, Glenn and his crew and Murray today. Trip was to find some Stripers in the morning then tog. Well with knowing the bass bite is terrible, I told the guys we were going straight to tog. Then I found out they were all first timers, except Murray. But that did not matter what so ever. First drop with no wind and a nice current, shorts right away with a keeper or two. After resetting 10 times due to the wind making its way over 180 degrees we were catching some fish. Some good flurries here and there pretty much most of the day. Most fish were 14.5", so if I was last year, we would have had a double limit. Made another drop farther to the northwest and the keeper ratio was much better. Played here for a bit until the end of the day with the south wind whipping away as usual.

We ended the day with only 16 keepers to around 4lbs with countless fish from 14-14.75". Bent the rods most of the day. And I gotta give to the guys, they did one hell of a job figuring out the blackfish game. They each did very well considering the scratchy bites and tough conditions. Nice job and thanks again guys! Another cancelled trip tomorrow due to high winds. BS. Back out Sunday.