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Today we had Andy's charter out in search for BIG tog only. Instead of the normal fishing up north with shorts and small keepers, we headed deeper southeast. Left the inlet to nice thick winter fog and an easterly heave. Got setup with 1 anchor, due to the horrible conditions and we had nothing. Spread two, to get right on the piece and it was good. Some nice fish coming in the boat over 3lbs to start. Good bites there. But we slid off and was practically impossible to get where we needed to be. 2 anchors, 1 anchor, grapple, back to 2, back to 1. Ahhhhhh! Frustrating day for sure. Finally sat still towards the end of the day picking nice 3-5lb fish and no shorts. Got them going and the south wind whipped hard making it more difficult for the guys to catch. Called it a day around 3:30pm. Got a couple of "the right bites" but only one came into the boat by mate Darren, tipping the scale over 10.5lbs. That fish was released to fight another day. The guys were in search of the big tog today and only swung at big bites. They managed 16 keepers and a bunch of shorts. Guys, ya gave it hell. Nice job, thanks again.