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Had mate Jesse for a quick 4 hour bottom trip yesterday. Original plan was to target some tog and sea bass. Went north to some good bottom and read fish all over. Not a single blackfish to the boat. Loads of short sea bass brought up. At one point it was drop and reel trigger fishing. Had em hitting up top and all. Kept 12 for the table to around 5 lbs.
Today we had Nancy's Fluke charter with Tom, Ray and Vern. Fished Sea Girt Reef. Very slow fishing for us today as we had 3 keeper fluke and 3 keeper sea bass. Lots of shorts alll day! Just couldn't find the doormats today.
Today we had Jim, Anthony and Chev for some fluke. We headed to the north once again and it was TOUGH fishing. Lots of great action early with shorts, looking like it might be a decent day. Not. The bite shut down completely and nothing was going on. We stuck it out moving all over the place. We managed to pick 3 fluke to 5lbs and 2 sea bass. The guys were definitely here to have fun, and they did. They enjoyed themselves like I've never seen, especially for a slow day.
We had Sharkispy, Doug and Jim for the PP Elks Tournament. Fishing was pretty slow to the north, but we managed 4 nice fish in search for the winner. We had 2 fish around 4lbs and 2 right around 7lbs. The green flies ate us up pretty bad, but we had a great time fishing the tourny looking for the beast. It was a pleasure having them aboard. Nice job guys.
We had Tommy and Rob of Professional Divers in Neptune for an anchor recovery mission. (FAILED) Too deep in the wreck(Cranford). 1st dive they had 40ft visibility and they nailed 2- 4lb fluke and a 5.5lb sea bass. So I figured we were already out, lets see what else they can get. Brought them over to the Dykes next. It was a night dive. Tommy got a 3 to 4lb lobster and Rob got a nice 9lb fluke!
Teamed up with Capt Billy again on his 38 Fountain. Got to the grounds by 5:45am to see life everywhere. Didnt read much so we poked around. Capt Max gave us a shout and said he had fish by him, so we took a look. Baits busting all over. We did a few nice drifts in the general area and Jesse jigged up a 44". Went right back to where we started and Linda jigged a nice 46"(released). When the 46" was on there were BFTs ripping through and pushing water all over the place! It was an all out blitz. But thinking we had our over fish, we werent chasing those others busting. With a nice calm day with THICK FOG, it turned out alright. Read loads of fish and couple monsters swimming by! Had mahi by the boat for hours, but only 2 takers for the day. The fish are loaded out there, it was just hard to get em to eat!