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Well since the boat is down, mine as well hit the tuna grounds on the fountain to keep busy. We headed out and found the blue water. Arrived before sunrise and dropped the chunks. Had nice marks of lots of tuna, but no takers on jigs or chunks. Decided to head west in the green water to look around. Set up chunks and here come the mahi. After an hour of mahi catching with super light rods, we HAD to quit and get back on the tuna. Headed back out to the spot we started in the a.m. Dropped the chunks. On the way down my rod goes off in free spool. After a half hour or so I get em close and see hes a beast, 100lbs+. Had him to the side of the boat for the tail rope and he was not ready. He took off to the worst spot. THE MOTORS. You know the outcome..... It was a good day out there keeping 25 mahi to 12lbs or so and left em chewing and to be honest, that was the first tuna I ever hooked, so I was happy (Capt Billy, not so much...) Got to see him a few times. Definetly over 60", so he woulda went back regardless.