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Friday 5/9 AM We had Dustin's charter of four. Headed out in pea soup fog, but that didn't stop the bass from eating. Put the plugs out and it was game on fishing. One after the other after the other. The guys had their limits + before 8:30am. Over 20 fish hooked, landing 12 to over 20lbs and one short.

Friday 5/9 PM We ran open with Wayne, Jim, Adam, Henry, Jim and Rod. Headed right back to where we were this morning and nada. Looked around with the plugs a bit and got one and 2 shorts. Moved a bit and found em real good. Better than the AM trip. Absolutely wrecked em. 8 yr old Adam laid the smack down on those fish. He put those Avet sx reels to work! Nothing better then