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Had Murray's charter for bass today. Broke the inlet and made bait quick with a few throws. Started around where we been catching but no good. Finally had a bite and he spit it. Made a move and had one blow up and run. 4 man tangle ended that quick! Another move and we finally captured one. Then it was dead again. Moved a ways and had a few more blow ups and one on which turned into a pulled hook. Finally, we found the mother load. Some of the most ridiculous action I've ever seen. I've done this countless times and when it's like this, it's still not old! Love it. 5-10 bass fighting over each of our baits. Bass were everywhere. Coulda free gaffed em easily. The kids did they best they could putting 8 monsters to 40lbs in the boat. Had over 40 fish take em and run  and probably 100 blow ups at least. Amazing sight to see. Maybe it means good things to come this live line season. 12 year old Sophie put the smack down on some cows. Man she loves to fish. Great job!!!!