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Had Greg Schifcos annual charter for the Wounded Warrior King of the Consultants Striped Bass Tournament. Took a bit to get bait and went looking. Very slow. Some good reads but no bites on the live ones. Set up on a drift and nothing. Finally after a while we had plenty of fish circling baits but didn't even try to eat. Then a couple blues. Finally we captured a 25lb class fish. Went for another drift and immediately had a nice fish around 35lbs. So I knew we had a contender with today's fishing. Banged 2 others but time wasn't on our side right as they were starting to eat we headed for the barn at 12pm to make weigh in. So we ended with 4 fish and taking 4th place. Couldn't hold our title from last year, but it's a great cause for our veterans! Happy to be a part of it! Until next year! Thanks guys. Capt Kris