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6/4 PM We had Chris Bodeckers charter of 4 for bass. Ran to where we have been catching and nothing. Put it on a drift and after 20 minutes BAM there they were, 35ft thick of bass come under the boat. Every bait got blown up on my atleast 10 bass each. Blasting our baits and poppers outta the water. Only managed to get 2 to the boat. After the dust settled we went back for another drift. Immediately one on, and he was gone. The last we saw of them. Went up north to find a dessert. Made a 17 mile run to see fish ripping through bunker schools. Had a bite immediately and lost him too. Then no boys at all. Kept the guys out late and docked at 10pm. Only 2 fish for out efforts. Upsetting, but today was our hack day I guess. Ended up with 2 fish around 40lbd atleast.