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Had Jim, Tom and Mike on theirStriper/Bluefish trip today. Headed to the. North and got on some good readings for first light, but no takers. Made a run further north to bird life and really good readings. After a few drifts, finally landed a yellow eyed demon and lost another fish. Not an easy day for these fish. Loads of readings of bait and fish stacked top to bottom. Hmmmm......?

Decided to take the guys for some tog, which none of them have ever done before. Made a few drops and got our limit to around 5lbs. Played c&r until we were outta bait.

The guys did verrrrrrrry well for their first time. Mostly all 3 lb toggies. The 30 knot sw wind had nothing on this crew! The guys had a good time and will definetly be back this November for some togs.

Total for today 5 tog all 3-5lbs, a blue and a 3-4lb porgy.
Thanks again guys!

Capt Kris