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Mate Jesse and I went out looking for some stripers today. Read lots of bait and fish crashing up top. Had one shot at some fish and got caught in the blues with break offs, and they were gone. Off to the rocky bottom we went.....

Got set up and finally after about an hour, we got em chewing. And it was on. Probably had about 30-40 keeper size togs to 8lbs. Most of them ranged 5-6lbs.

Cant forget "the one that got away"...... Jesse hooked into a "decent" one, but I saw his rod and ran to the bow for the net. Right as I was going to the water that old bastard said **** you, im out! Went straight down and snap! Fish was 100% 12lbs +.

Fished the rocky stuff for 3 hours and headed home keeping a total of 2 toggies around 5lbs each. Had to get out on this very nice October day, before this crappy weather hits!

Capt Kris