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Had our Striper/Blackfish Open Boat trip today with Big Joe, Nate, Jimmy and Mike. Made a left and started looking for bait in the dark, nothing. Got to the north and read bait the WHOLE time, but no takers on the jigs. So we left there and headed for some Togs.

Got set up and waited. And waited. And waited. Then we got em going. Mike was crushing them to around 3lbs or so until later he caught all 5's or so. Then the steady pick began. Jimmy did a hell of a job swinging nice fish into the boat and also giving Big Joe some great pointers. Nate did the same, along with a nice 7 3/4 pounder. Big Joe was a first time togger today, his second fish was a solid 8lbs on the scale and he picked 4's and 5's for the rest of the day.

After a nice day out fishing, we had a decent bite with lots of 5-6lbers getting tossed back. Around 50 keeper size togs or so for the day. Great day on the water with an awesome crew!

Capt Kris