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Today we had some NJFishing members: Sportfishingusa, Sharkyspy, Fishbone and Kenny for a shot at some Blackfish.
Got to our spot nice and early once again, only to be greeted by the super fast moving south current. Bites were very scratchy and here and there. Picking at shorts with a keeper or 2 mixed in.
Second drop it was the same. Couple of shifts produced nothing. Waited it out for a bit, only to pull the anchor and go deeper.

Went east for a try. Finally, somewhat of a bite I guess you can say. We worked really hard for them but managed to get a few keeps to around 5-6lbs or so.

Sportfishingusa had his limit, with Fishbone tailing and Sharkyspy right behind them. Grinded out 18 keepers for the dinner table. Would have stuck it out, but the SE wind and chop came in hard so we had to jet out. Got our butts kicked pretty bad on the way in.

Tough day to say the least. But we gave it hell. Nice job today guys and thanks again!

Capt Kris