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Today we had an open boat blackfish trip with Tim, Dan, Pete and Rolland and special guest mate Captain Chad, Sea Soda.
Bite started off prettttttty slow, but Pete and Rolland were catching a few. Tim and his son Dan were new to the togging and were getting some bites but couldnt come tight.
Made a few shifts and picked a few nice ones. Headed out to another spot and finally got em going decent.
After a BEAUTIFUL late November day and the crew fishing hard, we managed our limit to 8lbs. Lost of nice 5-6 pounders in the mix too. Pete was killer high hook, Rolland had his limit or more, Tim learned quick and had his limit+ and Dan got the hang of it later on catching 5 keeps or more, but at last call caught an 8 that was released.
Nice job guys!
At it again tomorrow.
Capt Kris