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Today we had the Jim Barber charter once again with Nicole, Pete and Dave. With the south wind coming, I decided to change it up and go for the stripers. Jim was PUMPED.
Broke the inlet early and made our way to the bass grounds. Seen about a billion boats trolling and what not, didnt look good. Stopped on some birds, but no bass readings and made another look.
Looked around for not more then 10 minutes and we read em pretty good. First drift put 6 keepers in the boat to around 22lbs or so. Multiple hook ups around the boat. Next drift a few more and so on. Limited the boat in less then 90 minutes with Nicole being killer high hook with about 8 keeper bass. The guys also had there limits+. Catch and release for a while with nice keepers, 1 short for the day and a couple of doggies.
The south fan turned on and we were outtie.
Total tally for the day was about 20-25 NICE fall bass 1 short and 2 dogs. Keeping 12 for the crew. Another beautiful day on the water.
Thanks guys!
Back at the blackfish tomorrow.
Capt Kris