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Had KurtisB, Daryl and Frank only today. Had a few guys bail last minute, we went anyway.
Broke the inlet around 6:45am. Cold brisk N wind. Made our way up and set up on our first drop. Had a couple good bites, but the fish wouldnt commit. Picked a few keepers here and there, and dogs.
Set up on another piece and it was the same. Slow scratchy bite all day. Just a pick, Sucked. Moved out deep and tons of shorts few keeps.
Wiggle wiggle wiggles....... Here and there.
Went back in to DOG CITY.
Summary for today, KurtisB was high hook with his limit to 8lbs+ with all healthy fish. Daryl and Frank clearly fish together alot because they just crack jokes all day. Lol. Mate Capt Chad did a nice job today too. Also we caught about 75 dogs. Shallow deep didnt matter.
The guys finished with there limit plus, some nice roasters to 8lbs+.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL, from the Fish Stix Crew!!!!
Capt Kris