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Today we had the Brandon Lee charter out for a tog fest. Started off the morning with shorts and dogs, picking a couple of keepers here and there. Made another drop and it was the same. Looked like another day in the dog pound.
Went inshore for another drop and picked a few decent fish. Then zero life after that. Took a ride northeast hoping for something to change.
Set up shop around 1pm or so. Had some good flurries of nice 4-5lb fish. Put 5 in the boat wait 20 minutes for a bite and so on.... Made a little wiggle and finally got what we were looking for. 6's, 8's and 9's hitting the deck, one after the other. Solid fish here. Most fish ranged from 4-7lbs, couple 8's and 9's too.
Headed back to the dock with a boat limit of 48 keepers to 9lbs. Very nice day out on the water for December 31st. Cant ask for better weather!
Thanks guys, nice job!
Capt Kris