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Ready for this, had Dan, Dan, Dan, Matt, Josh and a "no show" for bass today. Made bait very quickly and went looking. Set for a drift and the bass are blowing up the baits in no time. Went 1 for 6 or so on a few drifts in that area. Kept looking around. Set up on what was gonna be our last shot of stripers and quit to go seabass, we put 1 more in the box with a few more run offs, including Matts MONSTER. He had a fish of a lifetime on. Turned the hook back in the bait and gone. So there was hope and the guys wanted to give it hell with the stripes. Bad turn out. Fish were not commited today. One bite and gone. Atleast a beautiful day out on the water. The guys tried there best. Thanks again guys. Sorry no photos today.