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Today we hosted a last minute afternoon open boat trip for stripers. Had Ryan, Nick, Peter and Jesse out for some live lining.
Broke the inlet and looked for some bait. Very broken up and couldnt get the net on em. Snagged a few and went looking. Got a call from Capt Jerry P who said he had some fish working. Set up and had bites in no time, just couldnt come tight.
Made a move to the east and got em going. Nice fish blowing up on top. Ended up going 5 for 10 or so. Most fish were in the 30lb class with one around 40 and another maxed out our 50lb scale!
Very nice evening out with some nice fish biting. Only had about a 45 minute window to catch em and they were gone. But the 50+lb was worth it all. Ryan will have that one mounted! The guys did great, thanks again!
At it again tomorrow.