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Today we had the boys from out for some Striped ones. Crew consisted of Rod, Bob, Kenney, Ed, Paul and Joe. Broke the inlet and started making bait. SLOW. Bunks were tough to snag, let alone throw a net on them. After 2 hours of snagging, we went fishing. First spot and second spot, NADA. Set up where we caught em last night and had some fish blow up on our baits, but couldnt come tight.
Heard there was a pick of fish a few minutes away. Loaded the net with fresh bait and made the run. Got to the area and it was GAME ON. Fish rolling and busting up top. Awesome. Topwater worked good today too. The fish were aggressive as could be. Crashing baits like crazy. Fishfinder was LOADED top to bottom. Best readings all year! The guys had some fun with these fish for a while before it ended.
Slow start today, but ended right. Had the guys limit of fish to 38lbs. Heard some FUNNY ASS jokes today too! Lottttttttttttsssss of laughs. The crew had a great time and did an awesome job on the fish. Thanks again Boys!