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Saturday we had Sals charter out for those striped ones. This time breaking the inlet to LOADS of bait and TONS of boats this morning. LOADED the well and started fishing in the schools. Instantly had bites. Blues and bass in the mix of bunker schools. Kept working different pods with a few run offs, but no hook ups.
Went deep and got invaded by the blues. But since nothing was going on anywhere else, the guys got to bend some rods and lose some tackle. It soon got old, so we left and went back to the schools. Finally got a stripe. Again worked the schools and awhile longer and picked 2 more with probably 10 run offs or pick ups, whatever.
The wind picked up and it seemed the bass were done eating, so we headed to another area. I bet Mate Darren $20 we were gonna catch em here and we did. 3 or 4 blow ups and a bass dropped at the boat in no time. Same drift again boating Vinny VINTASTIC 's NEW TOURNAMENT LEADER 36lb beauty. Put another one in quickly after. Had a personal record at 32lbs next. Then she shattered it with a BEAUTIFUL 40lb Striper. Slowed up again and called it a day.
Toughhhh fishin today but we managed 7 stripers to 40lbs and kept 6 blues. The guys and gal worked hard and we saved the trip at the end of the day. And Darren owes me $20! Pleasure having you guys!
Off tomorrow for a good friends wedding. See ya Monday!