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Today we had Jimmy and his son James (12yrs old) charter the boat for fluke. Let the storm pass and made it to the grounds by 8:30am. Jimmy and James NEVER even fluke fished before. It only took 5 seconds on the FIRST drop and they both had nice keepers around 3 and 4lbs! James then caught a few shorts and wasnt feeling well and slept the whole day. Jimmy wasted no time mastering the art of bucktailing. I was very impressed. Jim caught his limit +++! WOW! On another note, they also have never caught a blue fish. Towards the end of the day, the blues were on a frenzy on rain fish. Going absolutely buck wild. We took a ride over and it was cast and reel. They sacraficed a fluke boat limit for some fun with the blues. James woke up for that! They had an awesome time and did exceptionally well fishing today.
We ended the day with 16 keeper fluke and countless shorts. Nice job today guys and thanks again!