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Saturday 7/14 we ran an open boat with an all star crew. Had Darren, Dave, Billy, Andy, Phil and Anita. Went right back to where we had bites on Friday. Slower pick for most of the morning but we did manage about 17 or 18 in the one area. Went out to another spot not too far away and it was GAME OVER. Fluke blitz, seriously. 6 keepers on every drop for about a half hour. It was the most insane fluke bite I ever seen. Stayed in that spot for a while picking keepers every drift. Did a fish count at about 2pm and we had 37. HAD to pick the last 3 for the BOAT LIMIT. Put 2 more in real quick. Spent another 2 hours trying to get the final fish. Just couldnt. Hit the inlet at 5pm without a boat limit of 40. Anyway guys did great. Ended the day with 39 keepers, 2 seabass and a ling. All keeper fluke were 3-5lbs. Maybe had to measure 5 of them. Solid day. Thanks and nice job guys!