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Today we had Chris' charter out for fluke. Went to where we were catching them a couple of weeks ago. Heard it hasnt been good though. Glad I didnt listen. Did only a little searching and found some flatties. Conditions were pretty good to start. Picked away at both shorts and keepers until about 11am. Had 20 keepers and on our way to a limit + boat limit. Wind against tide made our drift 0.2kn and it sucked. Made a mover to the south to lose the north current and no bites and north current found us. Made another move farther south and a 1.8kn drift. Got 1 keeper. Seas were building as the south wind was whipping and t storms were on there way. The guys opted not to beat a dead horse.
The day was looking great and thought it was gonna be a limit. Cant control the conditions though :( . Anyway the guys toughed it out and ended the day with 21 keepers to 6.5#. Thanks again guys.