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NJ Fishing Reports

Hey All,

We pretty much wrapped it up for the season. We had a great year once again. Thank You to all that fished with us this season! We greatly appreciate it! We are now booking for the entire 2016 fishing season.

We are going to try and be in the Raritan Bay around April 1st for Winter Flounder and Stripers. Around June 1st, we'll be back in our normal location for the remainder of the season. Fishing for Stripers, Sharks, Seabass, Fluke & Blackfish.

We hope to see all our great customers once again this year and meet many, many more of you! If you would like to book a trip, please call or text. Please try and get your Charter dates as soon as you can.
Open Boat Dates will be available as usual.

*And don't forget, get on our mailing list if you already aren't!

Capt Kris


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Sunday 1/11 ran with an all star njf crew of 6. First stop on a wreck. I warned them, be ready for the jumbos! Once the sinkers hit the bottom.... Had 2 REAL fish on that managed to get away . Picked a few fish then Pretty much died after that. Wiggled over to another piece of the wreck to catch a nice fish and some dogs. Did catch a very nice cod though. Took a gamble and tried closer to the beach. That was stupid. Ran 10 miles south and it was dead. Couple shorts, some dogs and a small pollack. I gotta give to the guys braving the wind, cold and rough conditions. They wouldn't give up. I know Cuz I begged them to! Lol. Anyway finished up with 6 keeper blackfish and a cod. Not what I expected. Again, woulda been nice to land 1 of those slobs.

Looks like we are packing it in for the season. We are taking reservations for all of the 2015 season. Thanks to all who sailed with us and supported our business!

See you soon,

Capt Kris


Friday 1/2 had an open trip with a stellar 6 man crew. Had a couple days off, not really knowing what to expect. The second the anchors came tight, I already could tell the day was going to be good. Only had to measure 2 fish for the day. Quality 3-5lb fish.

Today is Lynn's 60th Birthday, and boy it couldn't have been better! He caught 12 keepers himself. One fish at 11lbs and another at a whopping 16lbs!! Both fish were released. Everyone else had a good day as well. Catching our boat limit +. 40 keepers for the day, only keeping our 8 man limit of 32.

Way to go guys & congratulations Lynn!!



Tuesday 12/30 open crew of only 5 today. murryG and Nj Dave didn't think they we're torchured enough and booked back to back trips. Well, once again same thing. So I switched it up and went east to a good wreck, that I know holds some pigs. Sure enough, Chris, Murry and Njdave all had bombers hook up immediately. Looked like the guys had tunas on. All 3 guys got pulled back into the wreck and that was that. Wiggles around to try and ATLEAST get one more of those bites. But nope. Nothing. 6 damn keepers today. Pulled the anchors up before 2. Called it an early day.


Monday 12/29 ran open with a crew of 6. Very scratchy bites once again, but like I said before, the fish were there. Didn't matter what depth we went to, it was the same. Certain spots the shorts bit a littler more. MurryG figured it out and caught his limit. Nj Dave also had a few as well. 14 keepers for the day.


Sunday 12/28 crew of 5 for blackfish. Well, today was a stroke job. Make drops all over the place. Never ever got anything going. Couple bites and some bite that felt like Berguls. I don't know. Frustrating day. Put in a long day hoping for something but it didn't. Not happy. 13 keepers today.


Saturday 12/27 had Craig's charter again for blackfish. 3 new toggers aboard the trip. Very tough bite again today. Worse then yesterday for us. 16 year old Derrick,one of the new Togggers, put on a show and out fished his dad, catching his limit of 5-9lb fish! Also had another one around 9lbs and the biggest was over 11.5lbs. Didn't catch much today, but quality was there. Just some tough catching. But they did box up 20 very good sized fish. Way to stick with it boys! Thanks again.


We hope everyone had great holidays!

Friday 12/26 Jimmy Mac and the boys charter. Finally back out after crap weather early in the week. Pretty much a tough bite for us most of the day. Scratchy bites where the fish never really committed. Picked some fish at the first drop after re anchoring 4 times . Second stop we caught a couple more, but still was no good. Finally on the last drop we had about 30 - 45 minutes of a decent bite of solid, real nice fish. Again, was still tough but the boys did manage a decent catch of 35 keepers to 8lbs by day's end. Eric the mortgage man was high hook with 11 keepers. And no they wouldn't let me stay out for the 36th fish absolute beautiful day on the water. Can't ask for much more in late December. Thanks gents.


Monday 12/22 we had Tim Smiths charter of 6. First time Toggers today. First stop was loaded with bites. Took a while for the guys to get the hang of the fishing. Burrrrrrrned through crabs today. They were hard to catch for sure. As the day went on the bite got worse. For us anyway. Made a bunch of wiggles and another drop. The guys worked hard and never gave up. Called I a day around 2pm.Managed 21 keepers to around 7lbs. Big thanks to Bobby Quinn for the anchor recovery for us!!!!

Also, we would like to say Merry Christmas to all! We hope to see all of you soon.


Sunday 12/21 open boat crew of 6. First drop anchors weren't even tight and fish were coming in right away. Had a real nice shot at them for a couple of hours. Naturally it slowed down, then died, then a pick, then turned on again. One stop shopping. Excellent day of fishing for sure. Jon was high hook with 13 keepers to 8lbs, KurtisB was right there with 10 keepers to 8lbs and the other guys also caught their limit+. Some real nice fish mostly 3-5lbs. Only a couple had to be measured. Did catch some shorts too. By 11:30am the boys boated their boat limit of 48 keepers. Hung out till 12:30pm trying for some bigger ones but only caught a few more before pulling the plug around 12:45pm. Total tally was 55 keepers and back in time for some of the games! Well done guys!


Saturday 12/20 we had Jimmy Mac and the boys charter of 6 for another blackfish trip. Went right back to where we left them biting. Lots of current made it tough to anchor the boat. Had to reset immediately, then wiggle, the pick up port anchor and re drop. Picked a few in the area and then it completely died. Wasn't looking good, oh boy. One more wiggle and no good. Picked up and made a move. Instant bites. Started picking some decent fish. Nothing big at all, but we had some nice keepers coming in. Eric the mortgage man was high hook with 10 and Bill the Chin finally bounced back with 8 keepers. Mike and Jimmy Mac also Did well. It was a very tough cold brisk day. The guys did fish very hard and worked to get the fish they caught. Just a tough day to figure out the bite. They finished up with 40 keepers to 8lbs. Well done men.


Friday 12/19 Blackfish crew of 6. Boy was it a good one. Not much to report today. The guys absolutely hammered them. Eddie, Will and Lynn each had a triple limit. Will had an 8, Scott with a 9 and Lynn with an 11lb beast(that was released dockside!) everyone caught good. The boys caught 82 keepers by 1:30pm. Best trip of the year, well done guys!!!!!


Thursday 12/18 open boat crew of 6, one guy not pictured. First drop wasn't very good at all, so we made a move. Lights out blackfishing on this drop. In 3 hours the guys put a beating on these fish. Ralph's first tog trip he had 13 keepers to 8lbs including a double header keepers. But Joe T put on a show catching 18 keepers himself! Drop and reel. Mostly 3-5lb fish today. Excellent fishing. Total tally was 57 keepers to 10lbs(which was released, by the Capt), all before 1pm. Obviously only keeping our 8 man boat limit of 48. Hell of a job boys!


Wednesday 12/17 we had Jeffs charter out for togs. First stop was alright with a pretty quick pick of fish that turned into a slow dull pick. Once the wind started cranking we swung off and it really died out. Made a move to find some nice fish for a little and then that died out completely. Stuck it out for a while to try for the finish but never happened for us. All in all decent fishing in the earlier part of the day. The guys ended the day with 41 keepers to 8 lbs. nice job fellas.


Tuesday 12/16 Report. Capt Darren Flynn at the helm today with Ismellfishy's 6 man crew. First drop produced some nice keepers for a while. Second drop was alright catching a few more. Last drop was not productive at all. Chef Sam and Drew were high hook with 7 or 8 each. Slow bite, same as it's been the last few days. But The guys did put a decent catch of 33 keepers to 7lbs in the box, with some good short life too. And chef Sam was doin his thang on the stove top!


Monday 12/15 open boat crew of 6 for blackfish. Tried an area we haven't fished yet this tog season. To make it quick and simple, bad move. Screaming tide made it difficult. Did catch a couple shorts, a keeper and some Berguls. Second drop was very slow with bites coming in flurries. Managed to put some keeper togs in the box but nothing of real size. Couple wiggles but it was the same. Next drop some nicer fish starting to chew. But again very slow and boring. But the flurries of fish kept ya fishing. Did sit on this last drop till the end of the day and the guys did manage some very nice sized fish ranging mostly from 3-5lbs, and boxed an 8 and 9.5# blackfish. By day's end the guys did scrape up their 6 man limit of 36 keepers. Well done boys on another tough day.


SUNDAY 12/14 we had Jay Hsu and the gang out for blackfish. First drop was a very slow pick but we did manage some nice sized fish there. Bite died out so we made a move. That drop sucked so we picked up and made another move. Our 3rd drop had decent action with bites coming in flurries. Still wasn't good, but was better then the past few days. The fish were still coming up quite pale and dis colored. They looked pretty stressed out to me. Anyway, the boys fished hard all day without even a lunch break. Jay was high hook with 12 keepers. They finished up filling the box with 40 keepers to 6.5#. Another tough day, but was an improvement for sure!


Another tough day for us again. Screaming current and honking wind wouldn't let up. The bites were there at every spot. But VERY hard for the guys to catch them. Sit sit sit and ya get some bites, then none. Bla bla bla. Torture. The 6 man crew did the best they could boxing 18 keepers to Bobs 8lber.

See what happens tomorrow.


Friday 12/12 we finally made it back out after all this garbage weather and trying to let the ocean settle. Ran open, good fisherman, 6 man crew. And most importantly hats off to Frank who stayed at the rail all day at the age of 87! But the bite was horrible. Made a few drops in different depths and it just didn't matter. The bites were super scratchy or non existent. Just a tough day overall. We did catch 12 keepers and some shorts as well. MurryG had the biggest around 8lbs. That's it. Guess they just weren't ready yet. Hopefully tomorrow we'll see an improvement.


Saturday 12/6 had Dan Englishs charter for blackfish. After yesterday's cancelled trip, broke the inlet to a nice ocean, little swell but very nice. Unfortunately the conditions were NOT in our favor one bit. North current, east swell, south wind. Could not sit still. Not one bit. One of the most frustrating anchoring conditions I've ever seen. Anchored, reset so many times I don't know how many. The bites were there when we were on the spots we wanted to be on, but we only say on the spot for 5 minutes at a time. Oh, then it started pouring. The boys wanted to go home, so we pulled the plug at 11:30am with only 1 keeper and a hand full of shorts. Ughh, disgusted with today. But sometimes it is what it is. Couple days off it looks like. See ya soon.


Thursday 12/4 ran open with a 6 man crew. Bite started out great once the anchors came right. 4-6lb fish one after the other. That bite only last an hour before the south current turned them off. Death picked the rest of the day boxing our boat limit of 48 keepers to around 8lbs. Jeff Rocco's first blackfish attempt ever and he was high hook with 13 keepers. WTG Jeff! The fish today were either shorts, dogfish or 4-6lbs. No jumbos For us today, did lose a couple though, just quality and quantity. Nice job fellas..


Monday 12/1 we had Adam's charter with only him and his dad. Left like gentlemen around 7:30am and returned around 1:30pm. Tough bite. Very verrrrry scratchy. It has been awhile since they blackfished, but they got the hang for what we were served with. They wound up with 15 keepers to around 7lbs. Tough day but, Beautiful day out there Atleast.


Saturday 11/29 had Craig's charter of sorta novice blackfisherman, except for himself who was a savage, I'll get to that. Anyway. Beautiful day on the water, cold but very nice. Except for conditions. Faught the anchors all day. Even had to go to one anchor at times. Never actually sat tight on one spot today. Constant drifting off the anchors. Slack ropes all day. Nightmare. BUT, the boys stayed with it. Scratchy bites and losing a load of tackle due to swinging, boxed up their 6 man limit. Craig had 18 keepers himself and the big fish just over 11.5lbs! Boy did he put on a show! Other then the conditions, overall was a good day. Death pick and kinda boring, but got the job done. Winds look bad tomorrow, gonna bail on tomorrow's trip. See ya out there Monday.


Blackfish Friday had an all star NjFishing crew. JimmyMac, Bill the Chin, Billy, Mike, Shrimpman and Eric the Mortgage man. Slow start but the bite got really good, then flurries, then nothing, overall slow but Steady enough to make ya want more. Everyone did pretty good but Mike was high hook with 14 and the Chin and Eric close behind with 9 each. Had our boat limit + to 8lbs(55 keepers, only keeping our limit of 48)and called it a day at 1pm.


Sunday 11/23 had Hans and the usual suspects out for blackfish. Went right to where we were yesterday and the day before. Some slow fishing to start, 1 here one there, couple shorts, blah blah blah. Busted out the whites and absolute game on slaughter. There were 4-5lb togs all over the deck. 3-5 on at a time all good size roasters. Then the PIGS came out. Wow! Scott put an absolute beating on them with ATLEAST a double limit and 2 over 10lbs himself. Paul got his PB around 10.5lbs. Also had an 8 and 9lb as well. The boys boxed up a full 8 man boat limit of 48 keepers by noon and called it a day for the usual buffet and drinks at the dock. Great day, great fishing. A job well done guys.


Saturday 11/22 had Lenny's charter of 5, all first time toggers today. Went right back to where we left them biting.

Well let's start off by saying today wasn't the day to try and learn. Tough conditions for sure. Couldn't get the boat to sit still, even on 2 anchors. But when the guys did actually fish, they tried hard. Scratchy bites made it tough for them to figure it out but they did manage to catch a dozen keepers. And they decided to head in wayyy early and not stay for the afternoon chew and from what I hear they did chew great guys to have aboard. And we know they will come some more and master this fishery, because they did enjoy it very much.

Tomorrow is another day. Can't wait.


Friday 11/21 had Mikes charter of 6 for tog. 5 of which are newbies at it. Well after a hack trip on opening day and canceling all week, we bounced back with a much better trip and one stop shopping. Fishing was never really good but a steady pick kept everyone at the rail and on their toes. The newbies caught fish, 2 had their limit and the rest did pretty damn good. Murray was high hook with 14 keepers himself. The guys braved the wind and cold, aka blackfish weather, and caught 52 keepers (only keeping our 8 man limit)probably the same in shorts and left them biting. Nothing big but a bunch over 6lbs. Nice boys!

Back at it tomorrow.


6 man crew opening day. Scratchy bite caught some shorts 5 keepers. Very upset with the bite today. That is all.
Saturday 11/15 we had Arben's Charter of 6 for Stripers. Started working our way to where we have been catching. Constant moves and re locating trying to get away from the boat traffic. The guys had a couple of good shots at catching the bass but only managed 2. We kept with it even when it completely died out, hoping for some bites. Later on we started getting some bites but all blues for us. Tried and tried but just blues. The guys landed 12 blues and 2 Stripers for the day. Countless bass and blue bites and plenty of run offs. A great time had by all. Always a good crew to have aboard. Thanks guys.

All ready for BLACKFISH tomorrow!
Friday 11/14 we had John Wilsons charter of 5 for Stripers. Worked ourway to where we caught yesterday to find the bunker with some blues and bass mixed in. Made a move and caught a couple and lost a bunch. Took a ride to the mother load. It was these guys first time fishing live bait for bass. Took a few in the wheel and a couple million tangles lol, but the guys turned in to experts as they starting beating the hell out of those fish. All on their own! The guys managed to boat around 20 fish only keeping our legal boat limit of 14. A few fish over 25lbs. Also, 2 of them were previously tagged. Pretty cool catching 2 in one trip! The guys arms were sore and we headed home on the early side. Excellent fishing again today! One more striper trip and on to the BLACKFISH!!

Way to get em boys!
Thursday 11/13 had an open boat crew of 6 for Stripers. Broke the inlet to some verrrrrrrry good readings of bass. Jigs down, caught one and lost one. They were just following it up but didn't really want to eat them. Got a call from Capt Jerry that he had some good stuff going on. Yup, very good. Limited the boat + to close to 30lbs by 8am. Played with the bass for a little bit longer before we decided to head to the sticky for some blackfish. Dogs were in town once again. Strong current running down the beach made it hard for the guys to even feel the blackfish biting. But they hung in their for a little catching keepers and shorts oh and too many dogs. Headed to the dock nice and early with 14 Stripers and their 6 blackfish. Beautiful day.


Wednesday 11/12 we had Johns charter but unfortunately John and his father could not make it, due to a medical emergency late last night. Hope all is well.

The other 4 guys, The Bukanus Family, did make the trip. Broke the inlet in pea soup fog and immediatly found the bait. Couple bites but never got tight. Moved and finally got one. The little bite that was, was over already. Looked around pod to pod and didn't see squat. Made a move and found fish with no bait near them. Baits, jigs, shads were catching a couple but the fish were being very picky. The bass were literally swimming around the boat like a shark infestation. They followed everything right up to the boat. Unbelievable. Read fish for over an hour without moving the boat once. Should have been a slaughter but it just wasn't. Had to fight off the dogs too. The boys landed their limit pretty early and that was it. Had a bunch of other fish on that came off and plentyyyyy of other bites. Mid day worked back to where we started and the bunker looked good. All blues. Called it an early day with their 4 man limit of Stripers to over 20lbs.



Tuesday 11/10 we had Sals crew of 6 for Stripers. Went looking to another area and before we got there, I saw some life and made a stop. Well, that was it. No one in sight and the machines were top to bottom bass readings. Got Em on jigs, casting, reeling and on bunker. First drift, put 10 bass in the boat with 4 Fairley new fisherman too! They jacked em. 50 boats picked us out and covered us up and I never read the fish again. The guys wanted to try blackfish. Berguls were relentless. Caught some tog. Not good at all, but it is what it is. Berguls suck. Ended the day with 11 Stripers to over 25lbs, 5 tog & 2 seabass. Back to the dock early! Some excellent bass fishing for the guys today. While it lasted anyway. Maybe some better things to come this week.


Monday 11/10 ran open boat crew of 6 for Stripers and blackfish. Well the Stripers did not cooperate yet again for us today. Did catch a short and lose another. Read em, saw them, but no good. Couldn't bare to keep trying for them so we hit the sticky icky for some blackfish. Nothing great like the past few trips, but we did catch a fair amount of shorts and a decent amount of keepers. But still not enough. The guys went home with a boat limit (8)of 3-5lb togs.


Sunday 11/9 I was back at it. Had Jim's charter of 5. The family came on this one. A good time had by all. Started out finding some bass rolling up top almost everywhere Ya looked. Hard to get em and when you did it was shorts. Went looking around to try and find some keeps but no good. Went way north and we could only catch blues. Tried until about 1pm only catching a handful of shorts and same with the blues. Jim and the boys told me they never caught blackfish and they wanted to give it a try. Scoped out some other areas close to home and the first drop pretty much sucked. Second drop was pretty good. In an hour the guys had 12 keeper blackfish and countless shorts. They were naturals at it. Called it a day a little early due to them having to get home. They kept 4 blues and their boat limit of 7 blackfish all around 4-5lbs.


Saturday 11/8 Captain Darren at the wheel and mate Aj. Had Damon's charter of 6 for Stripers. Long story short, They jigged and trolled catching some blues, over 25 short Stripers with only 1 being a keeper. When the guys were sick of that they went for blackfish. The guys never actually togged before. Didn't matter, Capt Darren set them up on drop and reel keepers with over 30 keepers and only 1 short coming up. They guys kept their boat limit of 8, 1 blue and a striper.


11/5 ran open with a crew of 6. Didn't see a bunker today. All rain fish and scattered readings of fish. Decided to put the shad rigs out to see what we could come up with. First up was a striper and a blue. Looked like maybe we could pick away at some fish. Well we did, but no stripes. All blues and even 4 on one rod. Heard of a slow troll bite 25 miles away and wasn't interested. Ended up Blackfishing with 6 newbies. Good time to get them started. Well the first drop was slow for a while, then a ton of shorts and only a couple keepers. Made a move inshore and it looks worse until we got them going. Again loads of shorts. But then they came out to play. When? Right as we were almost out of bait. The guys burned through just about a bushel of green crabs in only a few hours! Right at the end there, the 4-6 pounders started munching right up to out last bait. I wonder how good it would have been if we stayed another hour! Anyway, we finished off the day with 9 blues in the box, 1 striper and a whopping boat limit of 5lb blackfish(8).

Cancelled our trip 11/6, hopefully back at it tomorrow.


Unfortunately had to cancel Saturday through Monday.

Finally back at it after a great week of striper fishing. Ran open boat crew of 6. Mostly chefs aboard today, pretty cool. Anyway found some bait in the am and started working it, no bites. Next pile we got one, lost a couple and missed a bunch of bites. Then it was over. We decided to stick with the bass all day in hopes of an afternoon bite. Well it never happened for us. All blues. Worked pod to pod all day. This way, that way, etc. dark to dark. We never gave up and neither did the guys. We gave it hell and caught squat.


Friday 10/31 had Jim and the boys 5 man charter. It was their first time for Stripers. Headed to where we were yesterday. Stopped the boat snagged bait and bam couple fish on immediatley. Caught a few missed a few. Stuck with it and had 9 in the boat quickly. Went north a little and grabbed 3 more. Went back to where we were and got another. NE wind was kicking, the boys had 13 bass to around 25lbs or more in the boat, and the inlet was in sight. They called it a day at 11am. Total for the day was 13 (1 shy of our 7 man boat limit), they missed a bunch and a few pulled hooks. But I gotta say for their first time they did a hell of a job!


Thursday 10/30 ran open, crew of 6. Started where we have been didn't see much but then the bait popped up and 4 stripes on. Wow looked excellent. Then a pick. Second fish in the boat was NJ DAVES 45lb. Missed a few lost a bunch. By 11 am we had a nice catch of 9 bass in the boat. The guys wouldn't let me go home tho! Went up north to tog locally. All dogs. Picked up and headed home. Found bait and boy did we find it at the right time. SOME OF THE BEST BASSIN IVE SEEN EVER. Savage bass blowing up all over the place. 6 on every time I stopped the boat. Left them biting and spraying at 1:30pm. Very good day. Hope it holds up! Finished up with a boat limit + a tag(17 Stripers) and released another 6.


Wednesday 10/29 we had Chris's charter for Stripers. Looked around the same area we had em last night. Bait but not much happening. Went inshore where the bunker was and immediately got one. Then 2 on the another 2 on. Lost a few and missed a couple. Did some looking to the north but a lot of weakies and bait but no fish. Back to where the bunker was in the morning, but nada. Called it an early day. Went 5 for 10 on bass to 32lbs.


Tuesday 10/28 ran an open boat for Stripers and Blackfish. We never got to blackfishing. The bass kept us on our toes all day. Long run in the morning on the breezy ocean. Found a pile of bunker and immediately got a fish. Never had a shot again. LOTS of looking today. Scattered bait and fish here fish there readings with no takers on the jigs. Later on close to home the gannets were everywhere. Finally the fish were stacked top to bottom! That's it game over. So I thought. Couldn't get them to bite. Little while went by and they started. Landed 6 more bass and lost maybe double that. All on jigs. LOADS OF LIFE. Very very very good readings. Put in a long day and the guys finished off with 7 Stripers all 20-25lbs. Nice day boys.


Monday 10/27 open boat crew of 4 for Stripers. Live lined em, it was just like the spring! Tj had his PB and the first fish of the day at 44lbs! Got 4 others and the bite was over. Tried a couple more pods and not much going on. Changed gears and went TOGGING close to home. Again not cooperating in this area. Some bites then nothing. Weird. Caught their limit and went home early. Heard the bass went absolutely insane on jigs when we tied up at the dock! Ended up with 5 keeper Stripers from 25-44lbs and 4 keeper blackfish.


Saturday 10/25 open boat crew of 6 for seabass. Started off the beach and they were stacked on a wreck but we're not biting. Made a couple stops but not much happening. Got a call the bass were around so we steamed inshore but unfortunately a little too late . After that we went togging. First drop was dead. Steamed up north and it was drop and reel keepers. All around 4-5lbs. Only lasted an hour or less. Around 15 keeps only keeping out legal limit of 8. Made 2 more drops for seabass/tog on the ride home but no one was home. Got the boys back to the dock after 5pm. Tried like hell. Ended up with a Half a dozen seabass and 8 solid togs.


Friday 10/24 we had Vince's charter that was originally for Stripers but we decided to seabass fish since there wasn't much going on. Little crappy out once again so we were limited where we could go. They caught 35 keeper seabass. Just another tough day. But they had a good time, and some times that's what really matters.


Tuesday 10/21 ran open for Seabass with a crew of 6. Started off ok with shorts and pulling 20 keeps off the first drop. Made over 15 more stops on the day catching too many shorts and very few keepers mixed in. Very upset with the day and myself. Managed 41 keeper Seabass and a nice trigger for the day
2 days off to re group.


Anyway, for some reason Hans and the boys wanted to brave the 30 knot winds on Sunday 10/19. Unfortunately we were stuck in 20-40ft of water. Any deeper and we got destroyed. Total hack job inshore. Barely had any life what so ever. They caught few shorts and only a dozen keepers. Highlight was the food! Boy these guys never hold back on the spread.


Sorry guys haven't posted. The rough crap kept us tied up for quite a bit.

Anyway we made it out on a few bottom trips in the past 2 weeks. Fishing was good. Seabass that is. They all had to go back

Some triggers, blues and blackfish but mostly the seabass came up.

We are not sailing until next week. Prepping the boat for fall/winter fishing.


Sunday 9/7 we had Justin and Zachs charter of 6. 3 dads, 3 sons. Does it get any better than that? Yes. Drop and reel fishing all day. The ocean was evil, wind against tide conditions too, but that didn't matter. Bill was high hook with 7 keeps. Zach caught 29 shorts then 2 solid keepers. But he was just slacking(lol). Anyway the ocean turned out pretty nice and the boys put a beating on these fluke today. 150-200 shorts easy. They boxed 24 keepers to over 8lbs before we called it a day. Glad we finally got them back out after some cancellations this year. Well done men. Until next time.


Friday 9/5 ran open, 5 man crew for fluke. Went right back to where we were yesterday and I'm glad we did. Absolute savage fishing. Finally I can say we had a great day. Real fluking. These fish were piled up. Barry Sr was High hook at 9 keepers. Bob had a 6 and 9lb fluke. The guys layed the smack down and put their 5 man limit in the box by 11am. Then we played around and put another 5 keeps in and called it a day. Loads of shorts too. Drop and reel fishing. Probably had around 150 fish or more total. Good day.


Wednesday 9/3 had a Seabass trip 5 guys and little Sophie. Started very slow. Ton of shorts too. Barry had a fish on for nearly 40 minutes. Only saw the color before it finally broke off due to tangle in a lobster line. It was big, that is all.

Anyway bounced around some rocks and wrecks and scratched away at some fish. Had some shots at some mahi but no takers. Later in the afternoon, on a spot, the fluke were coming up double headers. Put the fluke gear on and it was almost drop and reel. Mainly shorts with keeps as well. Made the day better for sure.

Ended the day with 35 big Seabass, couple blues, a trigger and 12 keeper fluke to over 7lbs.


Tuesday 9/2 ran open only 4 man crew. Started out slow then game on. Right where we have been fishing. A ton of shorts too. Over all very good fishing. But could be better if it lasted all day. Always turns into a pick. 2 shy of their boat limit. (28 keepers) half were 3-5lbs.


Labor Day 2014- 5 man 1 woman crew. Stopped closer to home and saw pretty much squat. Made the trek to where we have been picking and first drop was a 6, 7, & 8lb fluke at once. The bites were there almost the whole day. Just didn't get em in the boat! Definitely a LOAD of life. The guys and gal put 16 keepers in the box for the day. Can't wait to get back there tomorrow...... Should be a good day.


Saturday 8/30 had Darren's charter, but Unfortunately his whole crew bailed and we only had 4 guys on the boat.

Fishing started off slow, then caught a couple, and back to slow all day for us. Only had a couple shots at some fish but somehow didn't get em. Just as we thought the bite was on, the wind absolutely cranked. Drift small piles and hills but didn't catch much. Called it a day with 10 keepers for the 4 man crew.


Friday 8/29 ran open with 6 man crew. Headed out in some sloppy conditions. Decided to stay on the beach for a bit. Picked through 30+ shorts and 6 decent keepers till it layed down. Moved to the area we wanted to fish and first drift 4 keepers at once. Thought it was gonna get silly, but the. It was just a pick the rest of the day. Only had 5 guys fish due to a man down asleep all day. Poor guy just couldn't recover from the am, he was so sick he couldn't make the picture. So the 5 guys beat up shorts and very nice sized keepers to Joe T's 7lber! Struggled to get another decent bite but never happened again. They shut off like a light switch and we gave up with 19 or 20 keepers. We'll see what tomorrow brings!


Wednesday 8/27 ran open with a crew of 4. Other 2 dropped out last minute, sucks for them.

Scoped out an area we haven't hit this year and there was some life, but nothing good at all. Some shorts and a handful of keepers. Pretty much bounced around most of the time looking for life.

Later on in the day the fish started to eat. Went back to where we stopped catching in the am and it was game on. The boys put their limit in the boat rather quick then. Took all day, but we got em. The fish were very nice quality fatties. The keepers were mostly no measures and the shorts were too close. We'll get them next year!

Anyway, much better day, I'll take it.


Monday 8/25 had Mikes charter with some friends and some out of towners for some fluke. Well, was expecting the fishing to be better for us. The keepers were very tough to find today. Loads of shorts with only 5 keepers and a few seabass for the box. Just couldn't get it done today. I don't know....

Some crap fishing the past few trips.


Thursday 8/21 we had Jay and Eric (dads) and three 6 year old kids, Anna, Ava and Spencer for a 3 hour bottom trip. Poor Ava was sick the entire time . Didn't see any life inshore, seabass wise, so headed deep to a wreck and it wasn't much better at all. The silver eel bite was good for the kiddos, caught 8 of them. Anna jacked 4 knucklehead seabass and spencer pulled in a 6 lb fluke! Finished the trip with 5 seabass, 1 fluke and a ling.


Wednesday 8/20 ran open with a six man crew. Tough fishing for all of us except Scott who caught his limit to about 7lbs on his first trip of the season. Problem was, we caught only 9 keepers and a mahi for the day.


Sunday 8/17 we had John Hunters charter for fluke. Went right back to where we have had good life. Today looked ok, but the keeps were hard to come by. Ran out east to take a peek but no good. Stuck around the area in tough conditions and the 5 man crew caught a fair amount of shorts, boxed only 7 keepers and 2 knucklehead Seabass for their efforts today. But I'll tell you what, these guys were lifetime friends and boy did it show. I never laughed so hard. They made a tough trip fly by. I'm never happy on slow trips, but as long as the crew has a great day, I can smile a little bit.


Saturday 8/16 we had Bob Longs charter for the FSOS Fluke Tourny. Headed out bright and early before the fish even woke up. Started out slow, then steady with one or two really good short drifts boxing 5 keepers each time. Then the rest of the day was a struggle finding and kind of big ones for the scale. Some quality fish but nothing over 7lbs for us. Great crew and some great times as always with these guys. They managed 25 keepers for the 6 of them.


Friday 8/15 had a 5 man crew for fluke.


Still slower fishing, best drift was maybe 4 or 5 keepers. But average was about 1 or 2. A ton of shorts today. Most keepers were very nice quality sized. The keepers were no measures and the shorts were mostly very short. High hook was Mark with atleast 7 keeps and Big fish went to Phil around 7lbs. These guys worked their asses off and before the bite dropped off, they were 3 shy of their limit with 22 keepers and 3 jumbo Seabass.


Thursday 8/14 we had a 6 man crew aboard. All good fisherman. Didn't matter, bites weren't there. Went alllllllll over the place. Water really cleaned up since yesterday, but I bet that bottom looks like mud. Caught 2 keepers, one was Alllens 8lb and we barely caught shorts. Landed and released 3 cow nosed rays and a couple blues. Yippee

Fishing was good, catching not so much. But we'll try like hell tomorrow!


Saturday 8/9 JCSA Fluke Tournament with Bruce's charter of 4 man crew. Moral of the day is that we scratched out their 4 man limit of 20 keepers and had one to weigh in that was just off the leader board at 7.8lbs.


Friday 8/8 We had Susie's charter with her daughter Vicky her husband Jack and Vicky's brother Donny out for fluke. Well they wanted to leave the dock around 7:30am or so. Well we started off local to get them warmed up then went to the sticky icky. By the time we moved north, they said they had waxing appointments at 2pm. LOL. Fished till 1pm. Finished up with only 3 keepers and a dozen shorts for the short trip. Sorry no pics.


Wednesday 8/6 ran open with a crew of 5. 4 of them were novices at fluke. Made a few stops inshore but didn't see any life at all. Went deep and the bites were there. But short biting. Lots of dropped fish once again. Every drift we got a keeper atleast. That didn't last long tho. Went looking around some more and it was bad. At 2pm made a 12 mile run to nothing. Ughhhhh. The guys threw in the towel..... A load of shorts, 10 keepers and 6 Seabass for the day.

Something needs to change with these fluke here.


Monday 8/4 ran open with a crew of 6. Found the bites all day, just couldn't get them to eat the hooks. Short biting all day. Tons of dropped fish on the day. Again tough fishing, or should I say catching. Finished the day with 10 keepers to 8lbs.


Sunday 8/3 ran open due to a cancellation, crew of 5. Very tough fishing for the guys, pretty rough seas for most of the morning, that didn't help us at all. Bounced around quite a bit with only a handful of keepers for the day.


Today sucked. Open Boat 6 man crew, fished where we have been fishing and catching. More east current and south wind made it impossible to catch the already hard to hook fluke. Super fast drift. It just plain old sucked. Called it an earllllly day. Caught shit. 3 keepers. Took off the next 2 days(mini vacation), after this trip I need it.


Wednesday 7/30 ran open boat crew of 6 once again today. Started in a different area and didn't see anything I liked at all. Again like yesterday conditions were tough with wind against the tide. That crapped out and it got worse with a 0.0 drift for hours. A billion drifts later the boys boxed up 18 keepers to 9lbs. 13 of the fish were 5-6 lbs atleast. Quality just not quantity. They worked their butts off for em!


Tuesday 7/29 we had an open boat fluke crew of 6. Some very tough wind against tide conditions all day. The fish were sluggish and did not want to eat. All short bites. A ton of missed and dropped fish all day long. They bit every baits tail off. The guys stuck it out boxing 14 keepers to 7lbs. Some solid fish in the box though! Sorry no pics today.


Saturday 7/26 we had Bruce's charter for the Point Pleasant Elks Fluke Tournament. Looked all around for the one big one. Avoided the keepers but we couldn't stop catching them. Had a load of fish over 5lbs, but nothing over 6.5lbs. Frankie had a beast on for a few minutes but had one nick in his light leader and eventually broke off But what ya gonna do.... Finished up with 24 keepers for the boys. We gave it hell. Congrats to the winners. It was a tough one!


Friday 7/25 had Mike (NoPockets) charter with his family. Had a late start from the ne wind. Lines in the water by 10am. By 11 we had 17 keepers. All nice fish. The guys did a hell of job until the fish completely turned off for some reason. They finished the day with 26 keepers. Nice job guys.


Thursday 7/24 we had Kurt's charter of 5 for fluke. Started out a little windy but drift was good for once. Started getting more shorts then we've seen so far. Picked at a few keepers and kept picking shorts. Bounced around till we had some good drifts. Best was 4 keepers on a drift. Not great fishing but looked much better. A load of bites and same as dropped fish. But the boys worked their butts off. Had a couple inexperienced flukers and they gave it hell! They guys finished up 4 shy of their legal limit to 8lbs! 21 keepers all solid fish once again and throw in a dozen ling as well for the catch today.


Tuesday 7/22 we had Ismellfishy's aka rubba hooks charter for fluke. Boy did he bring an all star drinking crew! They all achieved nick names today...... 2 thirty packs down early, I guess that's what happens!

Anyway first stop we had some really beautiful water, I mean beautiful. No drift at all. Not many bites either. Bounced around quite a bit looking for life but didn't see really much at all. Caught some ling a Seabass and a couple decent fluke. We watched Drews 5-6lb fluke come off 30 feet deep. (Rubba hooks). Then some mahi came to the boat and we tried messin with them since the flukin sucked, but no takers just lookers.

Made a move and saw much better life. The south wind started honking and we started catching a couple. Including Jamie's 9.0lb fluke. Nicky da ling caught some nice fish too.

All in all a VERY SLOW day, not many shorts or bites at all even. They fish we caught were beauties though. The guys had a blast and we laughed all day, literally. 11 keeper fluke, 8 ling and a Seabass for today.


Friday 7/18 we ran open with Jim, Brian, Bob, Jim and his 2 9 year old boys Jack and Luke. Went to where we have been picking and it was the same again, very slow. Took a gamble and made a move. Good choice. The boys beat the fish up! They put 24 SOLID keepers in the boat to over 6lbs. Very nice fish ranging from 3-6lbs. Much better day for sure! Looking better....


Thursday 7/17 we ran open for fluke with a 6 man crew. Headed to where we have been catching and the bites were there right away. They were very short, non aggressive bites though. These fish we biting every bait in half. Never seen so many gulps without tails. Missed and dropped fish were a regular thing, just verrrrrrry hard to hook them. They guys worked very hard and finished the day with a dozen keepers. Sorry no pics from today.


Saturday 7/12 we had Lous group of 5 for his brother Al's pre bachelor party fishing. Had some out of towners so Lou wanted to leave later in the am then usual. I was informed I had 4 inexperienced flukers and 3 of which never saw one. Uh ohhhhh. 6 keepers on the first drift. OKAY! The boys beat them up today. They quit early at 20 keepers to 7lbs so they could hit the bachelor party festivities a bit earlier. 4 hours of fishing, I'll take it! Nice job boys way to smack em up!


Had Craig's crew of 4, Larry and Dave out for fluke on Friday 7/11. Well we had one girl down immediately! Slept all day! She had a great nap. Get to the grounds with a 1.8 knot drift. Not good. Had some bites but not easy to catch whatsoever. Finally current dropped and we had 0.2 drift. Again finally got a drift around 0.7 the a breeze from the opposite direction! Ugh! Impossible conditions today. Anyway the guys worked the rail hard today boxing only 12 keepers for their efforts. Larry had his limit and a jumbo at 10lbs 1oz. Another tough day of fluke once again. It's only gonna get better!


Sunday 7/6 we finally got back out after almost a week off. Had an open boat crew of 6. Water warmed back up a little. Some bites in the am but nothing good. Lots of moves and some longer drifts only picking one here and one there. Then it died out quite a bit. Eventually they started to eat. 2 VERY short drifts put 7 more in the boat. South wind came CRANKING and just like that the day was cut short. Drift was impossible, we bagged it and saved some tackle. Slow day but improving!


After having Tuesday and Wednesday off I decided to take the boys out sharking on Thursday 6/26. Broke the inlet about 530am and looked for some fresh bait and didn't see much. Off shore a bit there was some. Darren threw the net and off we went. An hour in we had some little pip squeak browns swimming around the boat. Then we hooked a bigger brown. Another hour goes by and there goes the live bait rod. 30 minutes later, Hunter had a 206# thresher to the boat. I was on the wheel, hunter on the rod, Darren with the flyer and Brennan with the shot. Game over. Good little fun trip and back to the dock around 10am. Caught on a live bunker on green TN-Tackle rig and Avet Pro ex 30.


Had Kevin Miles Charter Monday 6/23. Originally for bass. Since bass have been pretty much on the outs, we decided to bottom fish inshore. Bad idea. Made the wrong call, should have went deep but stayed inshore and it did not pay off. Went everywhere and caught shit. We are off the next few days.

6/19 PM

Thursday 6/19 PM we had Lennels charter for bass. Trip was supposed to be at 3pm but they couldn't get out of work till 3:30 so we planned for 4:30 departure. Well traffic slowed them and I thought we probably shouldn't even go. Finally pulled out of the slip after 5:30pm. Again didn't see much for life and started heading towards where we were this morning. Arrived to the area around 6:30 and in the distance I could see a small Pile of bait. Looked ok. Kept creeping and there it was spraying like crazy. The guys didn't know snag and drop, especially as fast paced as it was. So after the spider web tangles, bunkers and Stripers in the wheel and rudder. They finally got it. And they layed the smack down on these fish. Catching their limit to the mid 30lb range. This fishing was stuff we dream of. I wish I had a minute to video the action. Unreal. Finally some good fishing. We were all by ourselves on the pod that didn't move anywhere. The fish bit the entire time and we left em biting. Very good night of fishing. Maybe things will pick up for another week......

6/19 AM

Thursday 6/19 AM we had David's charter for bass. Didn't see bait at all. Made a long run and in one throw we had plenty. Fished the bunker schools getting a fee bites and lost one after a fee minutes. Stuck with it and we just never got the bites. Moved out and after a little had 2 on, lost one and got one. One other blow up and that was it. Very slow and tough morning for us.

6/17 PM

Tuesday 6/17 PM ran open. It sucked. Not even a bite. Released a beach ball unharmed. That is all.

6/17 AM

Tuesday 6/17 AM had Nj Dave's charter of 6 for bass. Stopped on spraying bait in tight and grabbed a fish quick. Stuck with it for a bit and no other bites. Ran north and fished bait nothing. Ran south again and they were there boxing 3 more and lost a couple and missed a few. Went deep and hot one and lost one. Never had a bite again. When the guys were trying to catch a seagull I pulled the plug. 5 fish for the day.

6/16 PM

Monday 6/16 PM had Dons charter of 6, who have never seen a bass ever. They brought over a half dozen bananas and ate them like it was nothing. BUT, I didn't throw them in the water for once and surprisingly the fish ate! They managed 9 fish to low 30lb range. Lost just as many and just as many blow ups.

6/16 AM

Monday 6/16 AM ran open crew of 6 for bass. Had thresher bite at boat when we stopped. Missed him and he never came back. Another 2 blow ups but didn't connect. Went into the bait inshore and the fish were there but only managed a couple bites and Eric's one fish. Looked everywhere and nothing.


Sunday 6/15 AM ran open crew of 6 for Father's Day. Fishing sucked once again. Had one monster on nearly spooled and started gaining but but it broke Mike backing. 1 or 2 other blow ups that's it. Called in a day at 11:30am, with a dead sea.

6/14 PM

Saturday 6/14 PM ran open crew of 6 for bass. Wind came up very strong and was quite crappy out. Only managed 1 bite and we got him. That is all.

6/14 AM

Saturday 6/14 AM had Zack Bates charter for bass only catching a few fish for the day.


Unfortunately had to cancel 6/9 and 6/10am trips. Had a fuel issue that is now squared away!

Tuesday 6/10 PM had Hans' charter of 4. Bait looked great so we fished it snag and drop with nothing to show for it. Grabbed some more
Bait and headed to a super secret spot. First half hour made me think oh boy gonna be a bad one. Then out of no where we lost one and got one. Them another with some blow ups in between. Few more run offs, couple lookers, etc. Ended up landing 4 for 8 fish on and another 6-8 other bites and a couple bass that followed but never even tried. Some solid fish for the boys.

6/8 PM

Sunday 6/8 PM had an open boat crew of 6. Made bait way south and took a gamble on a 25 mile one way trip. Boy was it a good one. White water bass baits in and 6 on immediately. Unfortunately these fish were PISSED. Landed one out of 5-6 every drift. Countless blow ups. The bunkers almost landing back in the boat! Really fun just watching what the bass were doing. Only landed 5 fish but the blow ups, pulled hooks, broken leaders and run offside the night. The long haul made for a fun night.

6/8 AM

Had to Cancel our trips AM & PM 6/7.

Sunday 6/8 AM we had Dan English's 6 man charter. Made bait and started looking. After a couple drifts made a move. Read the fish every few minutes with fish blowing up on baits but not commiting. Move a little and they started commiting. Had plenty of blow ups, misses and dropped fish. Only landing 4 solid bass.


Had Erics charter for bass in the am. Headed out and loaded up with bait quick. First drift was very good. Unfortunately we didn't get em all to the boat. Went 2 for 9 quickly and that was it. Once again only one shot at them. Nice fish, funnnnnnnny guys, good times.


6/5 PM Ran open crew of 6. Headed where they were last night. Bunker looked great. Out of no where they disappeared. Then just like that they popped up and started spraying. We were in perfect location. Snag and dop and NOTHING. Just as fast as they popped up they were gone again. Tried like hell till dark with nothing to show for it. Turned out to be a beautiful afternoon/night. Dunno, it just never happened. Nice sunset boat cruise is the best thing we saw.
We can make sand castles now atleast.


6/4 PM We had Chris Bodeckers charter of 4 for bass. Ran to where we have been catching and nothing. Put it on a drift and after 20 minutes BAM there they were, 35ft thick of bass come under the boat. Every bait got blown up on my atleast 10 bass each. Blasting our baits and poppers outta the water. Only managed to get 2 to the boat. After the dust settled we went back for another drift. Immediately one on, and he was gone. The last we saw of them. Went up north to find a dessert. Made a 17 mile run to see fish ripping through bunker schools. Had a bite immediately and lost him too. Then no boys at all. Kept the guys out late and docked at 10pm. Only 2 fish for out efforts. Upsetting, but today was our hack day I guess. Ended up with 2 fish around 40lbd atleast.


6/4 AM We had Tom Krackos charter of 4 for bass. Made bait easy and off we went. Saw nothing. Ran all over the ocean and had 1 run off. Went back to where we started and we nailed a 40. Back at the dock at 12. With just the one.


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