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NJ Fishing Reports

We are done for the season. Have some extra maintence to do this off season. Sorry to cut it short, but it's what we have to do. We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season. Happy New Year, we'll see you soon!
We are accepting charters for 2014.




Thursday 12/26 ran open with Lynn, Bob, Mike, JimmyMac and Bill the Chin. Last minute decided to stay close and boy was it a great choice. The second the anchors somewhat came tight, (bad conditions to start) it was almost drop and reel. Solid fish, most around 4-5lbs or so. JimmyMac put on a show first thing and had a limit before I even came outside. He ended up with 10 himself. But Bobby Long came from behind and had well over a double limit to 8lbs. Lynn jacked them as well once again. Grady Mike was terrible. That's that. And Bill the Chin..... Managed close to a limit. And lost not one but two heartbreakers. The first one was big, pulled the hook. The second one..... Would have been a boat record  nothing he could have done. Just couldn't stop him. Anyway the boys put a beating on big fish today. They boxed their 7 man boat limit by 11:30am and released another 10-12 as well.

Friday the 13th Blackfish Report. Let's start off by saying it was a cold one for sure. Wind wasn't bad most of the day, but the rippppping south current was. Never actually got the fish chewing except the shorty sized ones. Very very slowww pick. I gotta give it to the guys, they barely stopped fishing to eat or get something hot to drink. They managed 21 keepers to 7lbs.

Had Chris and his boys and Sal out for tog in the pea soup fog Thursday 12/5. First drop was looking good with some solid fish coming over the rail. Then the conditions turned to complete crap! My goodness. Had the life built and was looking to be a great day but no. Anchors were slack, spinning, drifting, tried one anchor but still moving. After killing about an hour jockeying around I gave up and went inshore. Conditions were better and we were at least able to sit sorta still. Built the life and the boys picked away and caught their limit to 6.5lbs or so. We got lucky and caught one of those striped things too! Nice by catch keeper too! Nice job boys!

Ran open Wednesday 12/4 for blackfish. Had Tony, Carl, Hunter, Greg, Bob and John. First stop was slow and picked some fish but had a weird NE current which I guess the fish didn't like. Made another move and there was life right away. A ton of shorts, but we weeded through and caught some quality fish. Little wiggle here and wiggle there and we caught. Wasn't great of some but for Tony and Hunter it was, both with over a double limit each. Probably somewhere around 80 shorts for the boat. They all hung in there and worked a limit plus a few more by days end. 39 keepers, nothing big but quality for sure. Nice job boys.

Tuesday 12/3 we ran open for tog. Totally screwed up and mis - booked! So I went with 3 customers anyway. My secretary needs a good talking too! Lol. Anyway, made a quick drop in the am and is was no good at all, couple shorts, about it. Next drop was good. In no time we had them chewing. Nice fish too. Some shorts mixed in, but more keeps them shorts. Darren from Tuna Tales was high hook with 10 keepers to 7lbs. Had our crew limit of 18 by around 11am and boat limit of 30 by 12:30 or so. Fished another hour and released another 6-8 keepers and plenty of shorts. Beautiful weather today!

Monday 12/2 ran open boat for tog. Ran up to where we have been catching good numbers of keepers. Immediately had fish. But they were the wrong size! Couple shifts and wiggles but shorts shorts shorts. I think we had 3 keepers. Went inshore a little and this time no bites. Out of no where 2 nice keepers. Left there and made a drop closer to home. Sat there until it almost got dark and salvaged the day a little with 15 keepers for the day.

Sunday 12/1 we had Jay Hsu and the boys for blackfish. GAME ON! Drop and reel keepers. Some shorts but mainly keepers. The boys boxed up there 6 man limit by 11:45am and put another 8 in the box by 1pm. Called it an early day with 44 keepers to 7lbs. EVERYONE did one hell of a job putting on a clinic. They crushed them, plain and simple!

Saturday 11/30 we had Sean Tarpys group for bass. Immediately changed it to blackfish at the dock. Northeast wind would not have been a big help finding them. Stayed local for the togs. Boat full of first timers. They only managed 10 keepers and some shorts, but loadsssss of bites and bare hooks were coming up! They tried like hell and it turned out to be a nice day on the ocean. Better luck next time boys.

Today we ran open and changed it up on the spot. It was a great choice. Anchors weren't tight and Jimmy had a 6lber in the boat. From then on it was slaughter togging. Drop and reel 3-5lb fish. Murray had his limit by 9am and everyone else followed. Andy had a double limit+. Had a short time where all we caught were shorts. Boat limit of 42 keepers by 12 pm. Released another dozen keepers after that we called it a nice early day. Solid fishing today! Nice job boys!

Ran open today with Dan, Tim, Jim, Dave, Bob and Houie for blackfish. Again, some decent life. Caught keepers then shorts then nothing then a flurry... Decided to stick it out on this drop for the whole day. Again it paid off. The boys put a beating on them. Especially Houie, with a double limit. And Tim, with his pb blackfish at 10.4lbs along with 4 or 5 other keepers. Jim and Bob had there limits +, Dan struggled with only 2 and first timer Dave had 2 keepers to 5 or 6lbs. Other then the ice all over in the am, it was a beautiful day out! The boys called it an early day and headed in with 2 shy of there limit. 34 keepers. Much better fish today. Averaged around 5lbs or so.

Saturday 11/23 we had Bruce's charter for the JCSA blackfish tournament. First stop was slowwww. Made a move and it was drop and reel but alllll shorts. Made An adjustment to the anchors and the keepers came out. They only bit for us maybe an hour or so, but the guys boxed 22 keepers to 6lbs on a tough day. Definitely not as good fishing as the past few days for us. But we gave it hell.

Friday Kevin Bieleks charter was one stop shopping.. Wasn't good fishing but guess what? We caught em. Like it or hate it, we sat here All Day. And it paid off. The guys caught some nice fish most of the day, shorts and keeps to 6lbs! 33 keepers by days end.

Thursday was a tough day. Made drops all over with our open boat trip. Just a pick. A very slow pick.... After a bunch or drops around 2pm we started smoking them. The boys caught em good at the end of the day and boxed 34 keepers to Darren's 9.7lber!

Wednesday we had ismellfishys charter for tog. Left the inlet early and made it to Bradley before we turned around. I couldn't make the guys leave so we headed oh for round 2 around 11:30am. Instant bites then nothing. Anchor adjustment and game on! In less than 3 hours of fishing the guys boxed 15+ keepers to drews 7lber!

Ran open today for blackfish. A bit windy so we stayed local and shallow. Nice keeper right away then a load of shorts. Lots of swinging even with 2 anchors spread out. Wind picked up as the day went on, making it very difficult to feel the bites. We had plenty of life and tons of bites, just tough to catch. Opted to sit on one drop for the day. Picking shorts almost all day. Ya thought maybe the keeps would start eating but no. Snagged some fish too, guess they didn't want to eat???? Called it an early day with 7 keepers and a lobster over 2#. Tough day for the boys. Guys gave it hell and worked their asses off but it never happened.

Sunday 11/17 we had our boy Hans for a charter. Originally planned for tog, but with the tough bite he conned me into the striped things. Well to be honest I'm glad he did. It took longer to get to the spot then it did to limit + tags. Wow. Silly fishing. Had well over 30 fish keeping 18 to 20lbs. Headed home around 10am. Hans as usual brought his normal crew and more importantly a great spread of food as always. We were lucky enough to get a visit from fish and game by squan inlet, but as always, clean as a whistle here! It was good seeing them doing there job. Weather looks bad tomorrow. Maybe we'll get out Tuesday.

Opening day Tog 11/16 we had Jon Lees charter. Got to the grounds and had some good conditions. Right as we started catching nice fish of course the wind starting coming around. Long story short, we picked up dropped picked up dropped and played with the stupid anchors for over an hour. Been blowing for weeks, tog opens and no wind. WTF. Finally some wind and reset for the 50th time. Had a very slow pick all day with a TON of shorts and even more Berguls. The guys didn't give up and put 24 keeper blackfish to 7lbs in the box. Jon was high hook with 7 or 8 keepers and the jumbo he had on is still alive.....

Had Glenn Thomas charter today for Stripers. Looked around local and not much happening. Took a little ride and jigged a short and was not impressed at all. Made a run to where we had em yesterday and starting picking. Bunch of shorts a few blues and some keeps, lotta smaller fish. Another 5 mile rider further and game on. Double header nice fish one after the other. Short time of that and it was over. Back to where we started and it was much better life. Caught some more here and headed for home. The guys did a hell of job getting all the fish to the boat not losing any. Finished up with out limit of 12 nice Stripers to 20lbs or so.

Thursday 11/14 we ran open again. Broke the inlet early to not much life. Started looking around read some fish. It still too early, no takers. Then it came together but caught blues jigging. Finally jigged a bass after a while. Started trolling and it was no good. Took a nice long run and it was game on with the troll. Took a bit to figure them out but it was one after another after another. Some shorts and a blue or 2. Some double headers and also some dropped fish. Tons of action. Once you got The rods out they went off. Nice fish with. Bunch 20lbs and up to 30 or so, maybe more. We try not to troll, but we did what we had to do to get the job done and the guys had a blast. Fish were eating sand eels and butterfish. One of the best days of trolling I've ever seen. Turned out to be a beautiful day too! Nice job guys!

Well finally, the bass are here. Very, very close to home. Broke the inlet and was headed north when we saw a CLOUD of birds southeast about a mile. Turned around and when we pulled up .... Readings out the ass. Bass all up top for about a mile. Instantly 2-3 fish on. Turning the handles worked best. Fish ranged from just under 28" to 25#. Limit of bass by 7:15am. Ran to the north a couple miles and there they were again. Couple on immediately. Broke up and went togging around 8-8:30am. Ughhhh, tough blackfish bite today. Only some shorts and 5 nice keepers on 2 local drops. Picked up and looked for bass on the ride home and BAM, 2 on the second the boat stopped. Caught some more nice fish keeping our boat limit and releasing the rest. Had a short or 2 and only 2 blues all day. VERY VERY GOOD FISHING! Bass breaking water almost all day. Every fish we caught today were on jigs, needles, plastics, etc. finally some nice fishing in our area after countless miles and hours of searching or seeing bass that don't eat! Finished our day with 16 Stripers to 25# and 5 quality blackfish. Cancelled tomorrow. OPEN BOAT WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY STRIPERS AND BLACKFISH. See you soon!

Saturday 11/9 we had Damon's charter for bass. Left early and headed to the areas close to home, where have been seeing and catching stripes. Of course there wasn't much. Looked around for a bit but still nothing so we steamed all the way up north. Very scattered readings and a load of bait. Managed to jig keeper bass. Too many boats I guess. Spent some time here without another touch. Headed back south. Troll rods out... Bass up top all over the place. 1 short. Ughhhhhh. The guys have up and decided to give there first try at blackfish. Not much life for us today. In the hour and a half we spent togging I think they had a dozen shorts or so. But they had fun trying. I hate when the blackfish aren't biting for first timers! I want everyone to get addicted! Anyway back to the troll we went out in the deep. Blues blues blues. Doubles, triples, quad headers. So we bent the rods all the way home. The guys had a blast. And that's what counts.

Had Andy Andrews crew of 3, Chuck, Jim and Tj for bass and blackfish. Headed out close to home and bam there they were rolling everywhere. Instant fish on. Missed a few lost a few. 1 in da boat. Game on!!! So we thought. Hard to catch again. Ended up chasing these fish and picking some here and there with shorts and blues mixed in. By 12pm called it a wrap and went to togs. Wind against tide made for unfavorable conditions but the boys caught some. Anchors came tight and some swings and misses, some shorts and a few keeps. Nothing crazy. Pulled the plug early as Jim needed to make the sixers game. Ended the day with 5 bass to 25#, 5 keeper togs to 5lbs, and a load of blues( kept some for the smokers). The bass were up top for miles today. Hopefully one of these days we can jig them like mad dogs, like it should be. Very good sign of life for sure. Better things to come!

Saturday 11/2 we had Murray, Sophie, Jon, Mike, Mike and Seth. Started off looking for the striped ones. And oh boy did we find them and close to home! No other boats around and 3 different piles of bass boiling white water. They bit anything you casted at them. Problem was, it was mayhem. Few tangles and drags that were locked down to 200lbs. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE RODS YOU BRING ARE IN WORKING ORDER. That costed us at least 5 fish!!! Anyway it is what it is. Everyone fought bass whether or not they landed them. Some boats showed up here and made the bass go bye bye. Took a LONG ride north to see what was there and nothing for us, togging we go. Stayed local again with horrible anchor conditions but the guys and gal got them going. A lot of shorts but some nice 5-7lb keepers. Very proud of 12 year Old Sophie catching a nice Striper and Keeper blackfish on her own today! We ended the day with only 4 bass,(shoulda had probably over 15), 2 blues, and a limit of nice blackfish.

Ran open with Larry, Bob, Jon, Pete, Louis and Murray. Well the bass are loaded close to home. The problem is, they are eating rain fish where we were fishing today. Nearly impossible to catch. Had them rolling up top gorging on this little critters. Musta bounced the jigs off there heads 10 times. Unreal. Stacked readings too. Saw a few bass caught out of the million that were there. Very frustrating!!! Worked for them until after 12pm and gave up to go togging. Tough conditions for them with wind against tide. Made for tough anchoring, but we managed. Fair amount of shorts caught with only few keepers around. Stayed local due to late bass fishing. Tough day for the guys today, just one of those days. They each went home with there 1 blackfish each. After this blow, it's gotta be game on!

Ran open today with Jon, Bob, Huey, Jim, Barry and Barry. Left early hoping for the early am bass bite, but once again it was non existent. Went to blackfishing. First drop wasn't good at all . Second was the same . Third drop was game on. All 3-5lb fish with the biggest around 6 or 7lbs, nothing big except Jim's that he broke off. Uhh.. The guys put on a clinic catching over 50 keeper sized tog with about the same in shorts. Only keeping our legal limit. Can't wait for 11/16. Nice job boys.

Sunday 10/28 Arbens charter for bass/blues. Ughhh, once again no bass. But they caught around a dozen or more blues. When they were tired of that we went blackfishing. 4 of them were first timers including Arben. Anchors came tight, BAM they were chewing. Arben was HIGH HOOK. I don't even know how many keepers he had. But I do know that he broke the hooks off on one! It was a monster for sure. You should have seen his face. Dave and the other guys put the smack down on the togs as well. Catching well over 30 keepers. Quality fish to 6lbs and the one that got away. The boys kept their boat limit of 5-6lb blackfish and 8 blues around 5lbs for the smoker. Nice job boys. Some new addicted toggers were added to the community today!

Saturday 10/26 we had David Peters charter for bass/blues. Left early to beat the wind. Again the bass were there and we had one and lost him. That was it. Went togging and caught only a few before the wind came on and they called it a day at 12pm. Tough day for sure.

Friday 10/25 we had John Kostavicks charter for bass/blues. No bass takers for us. Caught some blues. They wanted to try blackfish and it was tough for them but they caught some and some nice Seabass that went back. On the way home it was game on weakfish. Caught well over 100 keepers but only keeping our legal limit. Ended the day with a little mixed bag.

The beating was from the NE wind gusting well over 20 knots today. We had Fireman Dave's charter for bass and tog. Broke the inlet to a stiff NE wind, but definitely fish able. Made out way to where we had bass yesterday. The second we got there the fish were stacked. I mean stacked. Better readings then yesterday. Couple drifts and only 1 fish. Couldn't believe it. Should have been game on. Had them under the boat 10 times 20-30 feet thick. Unbelievable, we tried everything. Ughhhh. When they finally disappeared we went togging and of course the wind and seas picked up more. Made 2 drops before calling it quits. Managed 1 keeper, a short and some Seabass that went back. Frustrating day once again. The fish are here, maybe this cold coming will get them to snap!

Had Drew, Dave, Jim, Tj, Al and Chuck out for Stripers then Blackfish. Headed out in the dark and arrived around first light. Birds everywhere bait too. Some readings. Then the bass were up top and stacked on the bottom too! Loaded readings 25ft thick of bass. Only caught 2. We tried like hell till about 11am or so. Looking all over for bass that will eat. Heard it was on fire this evening right where we saw them. Gotta eat sometimes I guess??? Anyway tog fishing was okay. We caught a fair amount of fish with maybe 20 keepers or so in a short time. Called it an early day. Nice job boys!

Ran open today. Plan was to start out for bass and blues then blackfish. Read the MOTHELOAD top to bottom of bass and we had no takers. Then it was good action of amberjacks I mean bluefish. Smallest was over 15# and countless around 20#, with our biggest 25#!!! I think these things cMe from another planet. Played with these guys for a while then went to blackfish. First drop was deeeeep water and was no good. Went inshore to instant life, but a ton of shorts. The guys caught some fish and kept there 6 keepers around 4-5lbs. Good day on the water. Ended the day with 27 blues and 6 togeroos.

Sunday 9/29 we had Dave's charter out for Seabass. Big swell today. First drop was slow, very slow. Until the sand eels came by. Put on some shads and starting catching blues and Stripers. Lost a few Stripers on the way in. Birds all over decent readings too. Played with that for a while and back to Seabass when it was over. Better life with the Seabass today. Most of the charter was down for the count most of the day, feeling sick. But Dave never left the rail. Called it an early day around 1pm. Finished up with around 20 Seabass, 1 porgy, kept 6 blues and 2 keeper Stripers. Fun day fishing, glad to see some activity this early!

The TRUTH in reporting starts here:
We had Kevin Miles first time seabassers today. The fishing was great if you like fishing. A load of shorts, probably 100-150. But with the 20 something stops and drifts we made, we only managed 6 keepers. The catching sucked, it is what it is. They had a awesome time and that's what counts.

Friday 9/27 we had a light crew due to a charter cancellation last minute. But we sailed anyway. Had Chuck, Jim and Bob out for Seabass. Tons of action today with more shorts then keeps. Made over 20 stops. Drifts too. The guys went home with a fair amount of fish. Only managed 35 keepers for the 3 guys and countless shorts. Nice day on the water though.

Sunday 9/8 we had Jim, Mike, Bill, Larry, Ed and Connor who fished for 10 minutes. (A little under the weather today.) Anyway, we started just a few miles from home and lots of action of a load of shorts with a quick keeper. A bunch more drifts with less action a 2 more keepers. Had to make a move. 16 miles to next stop. Lock and load on the first couple drifts of some solid keepers and shorts. In only a couple hours we managed another 19 keepers and with the tide and wind, it was over. The guys did well catching fish and the jokes were even better. 22 keepers to 6 or 7lbs, mostly solid thick fatties today.

Saturday 9/7 we ran open with Evan, Phil, Anita, Gabe, Joe and Carmello out for fluke. Left early and ran far. No drift with a pick of shorts and keepers most of the day, more shorts then keepers. The long ride didn't pay off for us today. 80 miles round trip. We gave it our best shot. 12 keepers to 5lbs. Tomorrows another day.

Monday 9/2, Labor Day, we had Ed, Jon, Jim, Bill and Cliff(mike wasn't able to join us last minute). Left the dock in the fog and steamed over 20 miles to our first destination. Fishing had been good here, so we went. Took a while due to the fog, other boats and tugs all over. Ton of shorts and skates with an occasional keeper. Lots of action for the guys, but the keepers just weren't biting for us. After a couple stops we went closer to home and the same action. Shorts and a couple keeps. Crappy weather all day. Called it a day with 10 keepers. Way to tough it out guys.

8/31 we had the Mendez Family in rough seas, and they wanted to stay out fishing. Wasn't able to get offshore and stayed on local stuff. Not much life at all. Went out a few miles and it was straight up evil. They all had a great time out on the ocean despite the coditions. Fished a half day and the girls caught some fish.

Friday 8/30 we had Bob, Ed, John, Lou, George and Sal for Open Boat Fluke. Well we took off yesterday due to foul weather. Previous days we caught some fish. So, we headed in the same direction. First stop 2 keeps in 5 minutes. Game on! Ok great, gonna be another good day. Picked 2 more on next 3 drifts. Some nice fish too. Over 6lbs. And that was that. Ran ALL OVER THE PLACE. From 45' to 110'. North, south, east & west. Tried it all but no good. The boys gave it hell trying. They managed a measly 6 keepers for all there efforts and lost gear. See what happens tomorrow.

Wednesday 8/28 we had Jim, Frank, Kevin, Scott, Fred and Don for fluke. Went right to where we have been catching and it was slow. Not many bites whatsoever. A bit depressing. Weird east tide with no wind to start the day. Anyway, we fished hard and drift after drift after drift, catching here and there. Towards the end of the day we made a move and starting catching a couple. Then once again the drift was dead. Much slower day of fishing today. a lot of shorts in the mix as well. Called a day when the drift died out. No way we were making the limit today, with the condtions we had. But the boys did a nice job boxing 23 keepers to Fred's 27" fluke. Nice day out once again. Off tomorrow, see ya Friday!

Tuesday 8/27 we had birthday boy Zach, his dad Fred, Eric, his dad Bill, Larry and Evan out for Open Boat Fluke. Honking wind this morning, so we stayed in tight. Didn't really catch so we toughed it out and made a move. Little snotty off the beach, but the fish were eating. Everyone caught nice fish today. Eric and his dad were new to fluking and they caught em. Evan had some, Fred had almost his limit but Larry absolutely smoked em with 7 keepers all over 5lbs up to 7lbs. Zach had his 18th birthday today and he also put on a clinic with 7 jumbos to 7lbs!!! Very good fishing once again today. 8 fish around 7lbs with only a couple near 18". The rest well over 23" up to 27". The boys had their limit of 30 keepers like it was their job. Good goin boys!

Today we had John Shiavones Surpise birthday charter that his awesome wife booked for him. Trip consisted of John his 2 sons Scott and Brian, Ray and Art. First 2 drifts were a little slow. But we found em. Constant action of BIG fish. Lost at least 4 fish over 10lbs, no bs. Had fish to 9lbs with an 8, 7s, 6s, 5s and 4s. So big Darren almost threw a 20" back cuz he thought it was a short. The guys ALL put on a show. Ray had both big boys at 8 and 9lbs. Awesome day of fishing. Fluke limit + by 12:15pm of 26 Jumbos. Bite died early and called it a day. Nice job boys!

Anyway we had Darren Summers charter for fluke in the JCAA Tournament. Well, we opted to leave a little later since it was evil first thing in am. After running into the snot we started fishing around 9:15am. Went right to where we caught em yesterday and not much life at all. Made a ton of moves all over the place. Just not much of anything. Couldn't buy a bite! Tried almost everything I had in the area. Headed out to 90ft and picked a couple around 5lbs or so. That was it. Came in shore and tried for more keepers. Stayed out till after 5pm, but no bites. Didn't weigh out fish because it was small. Oh well. We tried. Today wasn't our day. Ended with 6 keepers, all solid at least. Thanks to Ralphy, we all had smiles!

Friday 8/23 we had Mike NoPockets's charter for fluke. What a difference from the past few trips of bait draggers, the Bucktails always catch! A nice grind all day catching 1 or 2 keepers every drift or two. Some drifts better then others. Some shorts too. The guys boxed up their 6 man limit of 30 fluke to around 7lbs. Quality fish today. Most in the 3-4lb range and some 5s. They all did a hell of a job.

Monday 8/19 we had Jim Ps half day charter with himself, Doc, and Father Geno from Rome. Bait dragging again in the softer bottom again. The guys caught over 30 shorts only catching 2 nice keepers for the half day trip. Father Geno ha the bigger fluke around 4lbs.

Sunday 8/18 we had Dan Englishs Charter. Well we broke the inlet early to a beauty of an ocean. NE wind and current was there and somehow affected those flukes. By 10:30am it was rough and windy, couple chummers, and zero keepers. Hit the dock at 11:30. Gonna try again soon!

Saturday 8/17 FSOS Fluke Tournament with Bobby Longs Charter. POUNDED away at the big fish areas all day after catching one over 7lbs at 8am. Bob had the winner on for sure, but sh*t happens and he was dropped. Great day on the water, fun times with a great crew. 12 keepers to 7.11lbs. Brought my buddy Jed along today too!

8/16 AM TRIP
Friday AM We had Jim Seips Charter with his 5 boys. Took them fluking on the "softer" bottom. No Bucktails today, just bait rigs with smelts and squid. Well, we found plenty of life for the guys and they picked 11 nice keepers.

8/16 PM TRIP
Friday PM We had Tony Quintos 4-8pm Fluke Trip with his brother in law and 4 kids. Again no Bucktails today. Went right back to where I left them biting and bam, the 2 girls pull back to back 5 pounders. The girls put on a show for the guys. Everyone caught fish. Great afternoon!

Wednesday 8/14 we had Evan, Bob, Drew and Jim for fluke. Broke the inlet to a STIFF NW wind. Pretty much fished 18 to 40ft of water today or the drift was too fast out in the deep. GRINDED through the robins, shorts and skates. The guys had an ok catch for what it was. Definitely some nice keepers dropped today, but there's nothing you can do about that drifting over 1.2 knots all day. The boys ended up busting ass keeping 10 fluke, 7 or 8 robins for Drew, a puffer, a trigger and the best catch of the day, a beach ball.

Saturday 8/10 we had Darren Summers charter for fluke. He brought Billy, Jeff, Jeff Jr, Derek and Dave. All never caught a fluke except Darren and Billy. Plain and simple today. Opted to stay out of real sticky stuff, so we headed another direction. Darren barely had bites. The boys got them though. Lots of misses and drops, but the boys did well on quality fluke. Jeff jr with one over 7lbs ad his brother Derek with one over 4lbs, there first fluke ever for them... Not bad.... Grinded it out, lost tons of rigs anyway, but they had a hell of a time.
12 keepers for the boys.

Wednesday 8/7 half day trip with Houie, Bob and Larry. Warm up for FSOS. Broke inlet to 20 knot se wind. Went anyway despite conditions. Well the bite sucked plain and simple. 4 keepers.

Tuesday 8/6 fun shark trip. SKUNK. I'll stick to bottom fishing........

Monday 8/5 we had an afternoon bluefish charter with the boys from Brooklyn. Ohh boyyyy.... Demolished them. Had over 250 cocktail blues for the guys. The kids had a blast and they all gave up after 2 hours! Headed to the dock with our 8 man limit.

Sunday 8/4 we had Frank, Kevin, Bill, Mike, Ron and his wife. Tough day of catching for these guys. Had TONS of bites early just couldn't get em on the hooks. Bite died completely for hours! Finally turns and we pick a few. Mike had a nice 27" fish around 8lbs. Ended the day with only 13 keepers. The guys have it hell.

Saturday 8/3 We had Bruce's charter for the JCSA Fluke Tournament. Started where we have been catching big fish but there was none today. Opted to make a 1 hr 15 min ride to find a fatty. Took a while and picked one around 6. Then caught a 7. Same drift a 9. Knew we were in. Have it a bunch more drifts and that was it. Raced for the scales. Official weight was 5.9lbs, 6.8lbs and 8.8lbs. Taking 1st Place in Junior Angler(5.9lbs), 2nd Place overall(8.8lbs) and 1st Place in the 2 Fish Calcutta (15.6lbs). Finished the tournament with 20 keepers.

Friday 8/2 we had some last minute cancellations and already told the boys we were going. So we only had Bob and Bill. Had our boat limit of quality fluke. Headed home early.

Wednesday 7/31 we had Joes charter of 4 new bucktailers. Had them out for a half day trip. They didn't like the sticky stuff too much and lost every Bucktail plus bought a ton on the boat. Couldn't keep them out of the rocks. They only managed 4 keepers.

Tuesday 7/30 we had Murray, John, Brian, Brad and his dad Lance out for fluke. Started off with horrible conditions with screaming current. Very tough to catch anything that way. Left there trying to get away from it. Started picking some fish. Made some moves today back and forth. Found a nice patch of fish quickly limiting the guys out. Everyone caught today but John was high hook. Great day on the water. 31 keepers at days end.

Saturday 7/27 we had Sharkbite Bucktails Mike charter the boat with a good crew of Scott, Wayne, Ed, Kenney and Sean. Met at the boat EARLY for the run down to point. Well 6am start and off we went. First stop some keepers including a 5lb fluke. Couple more drifts the same. Made a move and bam Sean is on. 8:15am the weight was lifted off my shoulders with a fish over 8lbs. But I knew we needed bigger. Worked hard the rest of the day putting keepers on the boat up to 6.1lbs as well. Wouldn't let the guys use nets for keeps unless it was a contender. Ended up with 20 keepers to an official 8.2lbs. Taking second place tie with my good buddies on the Baccala. Congrats to the boys on Scrap Man.

Wednesday 7/24 we had Ted, Kevin, John and Dave out for fluke. Stayed close to home and it was a good call. 10 big keepers on the first 3 drifts. John and Kevin took half the day to figure out flukin, but when they did, they were flipping 3 and 4 pounders to the deck! Dave had the hot hand with the most keepers. But they all did one hell of a job boxing up just over there limit of fluke by 1:30pm. Ended the day with 21 solid keeper fluke, 3 ling and a Seabass.

Tuesday we had Tom Hills crew and Bobby. First drift got a millions bites. Thought we were in! Shorts with a keep or 2. Lost our drift the entire day. 0.0 speed maybe 0.1 made a million moves working all over. The boys grinded it out in tough conditions and managed 20 keepers all solid fish 2-4lbs up to around 7lbs caught by bobby. Tom had the hot hand with 8 keepers. Nice fish today.

7/21 - Frankie Lings Charter for fluke. Again most were first timers. Conditions good to start and the guys were catching 1 or 2 keepers a drift. North wind and north current put us at 2 knots of drift, which made it impossible to touch bottom with even over 20oz. Moved inshore but no good. 11 keepers before 12pm.

7/19 - Kurt Jobsons Charter for fluke. Bunch of first time flukers managed 11 keepers. Worked their butts off and had a good time.

Thursday 7/18 we had Jim, Tj, Billy, Darren, Dave, and Dave for fluke. Headed out and instant game on fluking finally. 18 keepers by 9:30am ALL solid fish. The guys spanked them today, even some newbies! Darren was high hook with somewhere around a dozen all being 4lbs and up! Very good fishing today. The boys gave up around 1pm it was tooooooooo hot. Finished with 28 keepers(2 shy of our limit) with around 25 of them over 4 and 5lbs up to around 6-7lbs or so, and 2 fat ling. Looks like maybe it's time!

7/16 - Bruce, Brandon, Larry and Bob for Fluke. Grinded out just under a limit with 15 keepers. Covered lots of miles.

Sunday 7/14 we had Hans and the boys for fluke. Headed in another direction to search for some life. Found some life early with a keeper and some shorts. Next drift, 4 keepers in 3 minutes. Game on! Not. Poked around every piece of bottom the rest of the day to only get a few shorts and 4 more keepers and some Seabass. Ugh. Tough fishing today once again. The boys called it quits early.

Saturday 7/13 we had Justin Kerns charter for fluke. Decided to leave the dock late around 9am, due to weather and ocean conditions. Other then Justin, they were all first time bucktailers. That did not matter, the fish had lock jaw. Covered many miles, even super long drifts, but just no bites to be had. We did manage 4 big fluke, a Seabass and a ling. 2 of the fluke were 5-6lbs. Great effort for the boys.

7/7 we had John, John, Jeff and Evan for fluke. Conditions were tough right away with no drift. A few bites of keepers and shorts. Made a move and tons of bites, short bites. Wind came on and now too fast on the drift. But the guys picked away 9 keepers, 2 ling and 3 whiting.

7/6 we had Travis Hulls crew for a bachelor party drinking trip with some fishing involved. The guys dragged bait all day and drank like fish. They enjoyed the weather and the ocean. Some were first timers on a boat. 4 keepers and a few ling. Oh and 6 bananas.... really?

7/5 we had Larry, Darren, Keith, Aaron and Scott for fluke. Went to the exact spot as yesterday and caught them good. The boys brought there game with them. Decent action once again. Could have had even more but again they were tough to catch. South wind started howling and called it a day early. Finished with our limit + of 26 keepers.

7/4 we had Mike Al, Jim, Andy and Tony for fluke. VERY tough day for them. Decent amount of bites just couldn't catch them. Frustrating for them but its fishing. That's the way it goes! Only had 5 keepers.

7/3 we had Tony Quintos charter for fluke. Was a struggle most of the day especially with some inexperienced bucktailers but they got the hang of it. 13 keepers.

Thursday 6/27 our charter got mixed up but whatever, not a big deal. Anyway got a call from my great buddy Aj who got into a bad accident last December out on the water. I'm sure you all heard about it. Well, it was the call I've been waiting for. He was ready to get back out there!!! So I called Darren and told him us 3 were going, late leave 8am. On the way up, we stopped on the numbers where the scene of the accident occurred. AJ, Darren and I did a great memorial for Eric(Ajs cousin). It was very touching, but exciting to have my best fishing buddy of all time, back in the game. Now for the fishing. We tried in that area for a couple drifts with only a couple bites and one keep. Headed near where we had some yesterday and much more life. Made a move east and had lots of bites. After a couple hours of an awesome time fishing, of course it's normal, Aj was on top with one over 5lbs and took the pool. Finished with. 8 keepers for the 3 of us. Good times.

Wednesday 6/26 we had Larry, Bob, Ed, John, Chris and his son out for a day of fluke. Since it was out first trip targeting them we had to look around a bit. Found some life and caught some. Then they started short biting making it much harder to catch em. Bob had his limit + and Larry was close or had it. Ed and John picked some and Chris and his son maybe had one. It wasn't easy, but they all tried like hell. Some days just aren't your days! Beautiful hot day on the water though! Managed 19 keepers to Bobs 5+lb fluke. Oh and Bob thought he'd be a jokester and eat a banana on the boat and throw the peel at me! WTH!

Tuesday 6/25 we had Murray, Clem and the kids, Bob and Larry. Figured we had some kids so we started with Seabass. They were lovin it. Seabass bite wasn't easy, so Larry Bob and Murray true there best. Switched over to fluke and only caught a few before they called it a day. Ended up with 40 Seabass and 3 fluke. The kids had a great time and I just love to see the next generation getting hooked!

Sunday 6/23 we had Pat Santorsolas charter for Stripers but OBVIOUSLY they don't exist. So we went seabassing. Beautiful day on the water. Drop and reel Seabass again today. The boys boxed up 70 jumbo keepers by 11am and called it quits! Back at the dock around 12pm or so. Great group of guys today!

Friday 6/21 we had Dan English and the boys back out. Plan was originally for Stripers but talked them into Seabass due to the poor striper fishing. One stop shopping today. Excellent fishing until the south wind and current came on around 11am or so. SHUT IT DOWNNNNN. They stuck it out till around 1pm. Headed in with 101 Seabass, over a dozen ling and a cod.

Thursday 6/20 we had Skips charter for bass. Headed north looking. Tried to get them to bottom fish but they insisted on the striped things that don't exist. Snag and dropped some bait pods and got a nice fish quick. Instantly I could see it was over. After a while of trying we went local fluking and a little seabassing. Ended up with 1 striper over 25lbs, 6 fluke and some seabass. Back to the dock early.

I was convinced they were extinct!
Tuesday 6/18 we had Jim Plevyacks charter for bass. Broke the inlet at the ass crack of dawn and headed for bait. A little scarce and broken up for the first 20 minutes or so. Then it came together quick. Bass stacked all over the place. Couple blow ups and bites but no hook ups. All snag and drop. Followed one school around and got a nice one. Read fish all over the place but down deep and they didn't wanna eat right. I dunno. Moved north to a other school of bait and looked good. Snag and drop and nothing. Slid out on the drift outside the bait and 2 on. Spent a decent amount of time until I figured its time to go. Headed out and floated some baits and once on quick. And that was it. Tried for a few more hours but called it quits after no bites and severe storms on the way. Ended up with 4 good bass today.

Sunday 6/16 Fathers Day we ran open with Ron, Casey, Evan, Doc, Dave and Tracy. The were pretty much set on bass. Ohhhh boy! Made bait and started looking. Got one quick. Couple other run offs and blow ups after that. Ron hooked into a pig on the surface but the hook ended up pulling. Tried another spot and 0 for 4 on blow ups and followers. Beautiful Fathers Day on the water but as usual the bass fishing sucked!

Saturday 6/15 we had the Jeff's and the boys from South Philly again. Only 3 guys to their crew. Nick, Dennis and Jeff. Looked around for Stripers Nd bait but looked tough and they opted for seabass. Stayed north to stick around for the afternoon bass but the current was insane! Ended with 50 nice seabass and started looking for bass. Made bait and no bites. Kept em out till 530pm but nada.

Wednesday 6/12 ran a last minute afternoon trip with Jimmy, Bob, Tj, Dave and Josh. Left a bit later then planned and broke the inlet around 12:30pm. Pretty much drove around for 3 hours before the bait finally came together. Tough getting it but we snagged enough for reserves. Snag and drop, fish stacked top to bottom all by ourselves. Plenty of bites and lost run offs. Could have been better but was very tough to stay with the fish. Managed 7 big Stripers to 42lbs. The guys had a great time, a lot of action. Then toooo many boats. Had a decent amount of time to catch em but bait was scarce and the traffic was ..... I don't even have to say it. Looks like the bass fishing is finally coming together.

Monday 6/10 we had the day off. Capt Jerry on the Fish Monger had a minor issue, which is already fixed, asked me to take his charter. So we had Anchor Joe and crew aboard with special guest deckhand Capt Jerry P. bait was very tough to get but managed to snag. Made numerous drifts without a bit or anything. THEN IT POURED. These guys were savages. Stayed right out there! And without bites. Finally a run off and gone. Couple blue fish bites. Then 5-6 ft seas out of no where. Fun day! Pulled the plug. Anchor Joe wondered how Jerry and Kris were pulling a rabbit out of a hat..... In the inlet, told Jerry to pitch a bunker out in the river(undisclosed location). Pitched it exactly where I told him to, as he's about to kill me for even stopping, BAM one on! Bait was in the water for 2 seconds. 25-30lb fish in the boat. Only had dead baits left, power drifted the current as the guys worked the deads. 3 other blow ups but the fish just want the livies. Funny day. Made for laughs all the way to the dock!

Sunday 6/9 we had Lous crew of 4, Ron and Ranger. Another tough day with plenty of bass bites. Watching 3 bass, 5 feet from the boat, all try for one bait, all miss and then leave???? Frustrating season so far. Couple pulled hooks and hook sets and that's it. Ended up 3 for over 15. The fish are here, just being a big pain in the ***.

Thursday 6/6 we had Tom Grattons charter for bass and it was a good one. With the slow bass fishing this season, we were gonna seabass but decided not to. Broke the inlet to pea soup fog, made bait and took a very short ride. 2 on instantly. Landed both. Then nothing but blow ups, bites and run offs all day. Boat side and all. Very good day for video, but didn't take one. The fish were VERY FINICKY. Landed 7 fish all over 30lbs up to 37lbs. I lost count after 40 attempts. Solid top water attacks all day. The guys tried there best, and caught some nice ones!

Wednesday ran open boat seabass with Bob, Murray, Jon, Larry, Vito and Corey. Worked local stuff all day to get 50 seabass and 60 ling. around 330 took a ride and found em. Got around 70 on one stop. Tried for bass on the way home but no good. 5 shy of our 6 man limit (115) and 60 ling.

Tuesday 6/4 we had Matt Gormleys charter for bass. The whole day sucked.

Saturday 6/1 had Dr Sals charter for bass. Caught 1 and a bunch of blues. After spending the whole day looking for bass we Made a drop for seabass and caught around 20 and headed home.

Friday 5/31 we had Greg Schifkos charter for the Wounded Warriors Striped Bass Tournament. The guys showed up a bit late. Ughh. Haha. Broke the inlet around 6am and went right to cruising speed. Took a gamble and did not stop for bait. Went to where I thought we had the best shot. BACKFIRE! No bait. Had to go a mile to get some bait, fished it, nothing. Capt Fred Andreas Toy have us a few, thanks Holmes! Went back to where I went and of course saw some bait. By myself...... And BAM spraying baits off the bow! Snag and drop, 4 on immediately. Lost 3 landed one in the 20s. Bait went down, found em again. Couple blues, then a nice fish hooked. I knew it was the one. Took a bit to get him to the boat. 32lbs. Bait disapeared and the blues showed up. Guys called it quits at 10am! They brought us to lunch had some cocktails and headed to Bahrs. 1st Place!

Thursday 5/30 we had Ismellfishys charter of 5 for Stripers. Made bait and went to where We had em yesterday. Yup, they were spraying when I showed up. First one on the scene and had 4 on immediately. Lost tons of fish and caught a lot of blues. All the ****************** boats showed up. That's all I'm saying....... After spending most of the day trying to catch more bass, they opted for seabass. Spent a couple hours with that. Ended the day with 2 Stripers, 4 blues, 15 ling, and 53 seabass.

5/29 PM TRIP
Wednesday 5/29PM we had Jason Motts charter. With high expectations, due to us cleaning nice fish, we made bait and went looking. Everything looked right. BUT NO GOOD. Drove around everywhere. Fished in te bait and out of the bait. Nothing. Wow.

5/29 AM TRIP
Wednesday 5/29 AM we had Kevin Bieliks Charter for bass and fluke. Made bait and started looking as usual. Tried all over. Made a move up. GAME ON. Bad blowing up and spraying bait everywhere. REAL BASS FISHING. Boy was it great to see it again. Had 5 and 6 on at a time. Some blues and surprisingly some of the smallest bass I ever seen eat a bunker. Worked the bait hard, stop and go. Guys landed 9 Stripers to 30lbs and 3 BIG blues. Dropped for fluke for an hour and one keep. Called it a day.

Tuesday 5/28 had Jeff and the boys from South Philly. Made bait quick again today. Tried all over for bass and certain areas looked great. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Tried fluke for just a bit, with terrible conditions, got 2 fatties. Read the mother load of bass. No bites. Read em agin and again. So we chunked. They were stacked under the boat. Nothing. Back to fluke. Dogsssssss. Back to bass. Nothing, rain. What the.......? The guys were throwing towels. Called it a day. Again cancelled out afternoon due to no bass. Ended with 2 nice fluke. HACK.

Memorial Day Monday 5/27 we had 2 "no shows", Bob, Evan, John and Ed for Stripers. Took a bit for bait but loaded up with over 150 pieces and went looking. Nothing. Spent a couple hours with not even a bite. Guys decided to go for the flatties. Crushed them. Bunch of shorts and 3 shy of our 4 man limit in just a few hours. OBVIOUSLY would have stayed for the last 2, but had a double(which I cancelled at the dock CUZ THE BASSING SUCKED). Very good early season fluking. Ended with 18 keepers with a few in the 5lb range and only a couple we had to measure.

Sunday 5/26 we had Dr Sals charter for bass. Did everything we could for bait and fish but just never happened. Not much to report for this one.

Wednesday 5/22 turned out to be beautiful. Had Hans, Bob, Kris, Jason, Tony and Fred out for Stripers. Took a bit to get bait and then starting looking. Fished some bait and instantly had one. Then a couple blues. Got calls from Capts Fred and Chris that they were picking a couple. Took a ride and got one quick then it was dead. Made a move and put another 5 in, in no time and again it was over. Ran back south and the most fish I've read this season 30ft thick stacked even swimming around the boat. 100s of bass all over. Only one bite and lost it. Read em 3 more times and lost a couple bites. Had blow ups all day. Fish fighting over the baits. Fun day on the water and popped some Striper cherries. Always a great time. Some how we only ended up with 7 fish and lost a billion. Called it a day at 430.

Tuesday 5/21 we had Jim Bukanis' charter that we moved to the afternoon. Left the dock around 12. Took a few to get bait but we did. That's right about when the wind kicked up and it got ugly. Had plenty of bites in the snot. But the 2 guys in their 80s were hanging on the railing for dear life. Couple of chummers too..... The guys fished like hell despite the conditions and picked 4 nice fish all around 30lbs.

Monday 5/20 we opted to move our trip to the afternoon. Had Jim Barbers charter for live lining. Left the dock in pea soup fog and the bait was TOUGH to get. Threw the net a bunch and came up empty. Finally snagged em and headed to where we have been catching. Instant blues. Made a move and it was GAME ON. Jig fish readings the whole night. But again the fish just can't eat em. They play with them toooooo much. Action up on top all night. Awesome fishing. The guys did there best. We we 10 for ??? That's how many bites today. Had fish up to around 30lbs. Even got em on shads when we ran outta bait. The guys AND GALS had a great time and it was great to see them again.

5/18 PM TRIP
Saturday Afternoon we had Lee's Charter out for his son Mikes Celebration of graduating Divers Academy. Evan, Jake and Johnny join them as well. Had bait and went right to fishing. Again instantly fish on. Put 3 fish in quick. Blowing up on baits like crazy. Bunkers getting blasted out of the water and bass coming clean out but they just couldn't hook them. Not there fault, again they were playing with it. Picked another fish and it was Kids 4 Dads 0. Hahahahaha. Young guns with the hot hands. Got a call from Capt Rich that they were stacked and oh boy they were. But just before then, the blues came and ripped our baits to shreds. Only had about 6 livies left for the stacked marks. Must have had 5-6 GOOD run offs and we even let them go a mile with it! Ughhh, these fish are frustrating. Had insane readings of fish with only 2 live ones left. Caught one and lost another. Tried chunks, deads and jigs, but all they wanted was the live ones. Ended up with 5 solid bass. Always an awesome time watching the kids catch fish. Thanks guys.

5/18 AM TRIP
Saturday morning we had John Chans crew of first timers for a shot at the Stripers. Bait was kinda tough to get, but we managed. Started fishing and got one quick. Had bass blowing up the baits once again. Turning hooks and pulling the baits off. Again they just mess with them. Ran back in for some more bait. Got plenty this time. Even enough for the afternoon trip. Went back on and it was the same all day pretty much. Shots at fish here and there. The guys did well and landed 4 nice bass out of, I lost count. But they made a good day of it. Thanks guys.

Friday 5/17 we had Dan English's Charter for the stripes. Left before 6am and went and got our bait. Headed to where we have been catching and had a fish instantly but the hooked turned into the bunker. Then no bites at all for a while! Capt Bobby gave me a heads up of some bait in the area. Threw the net and loaded back up around 2pm. Told the guys to get their sleeping bags and be ready for a long day. Finally some fish were around. Bite after bite and run off after run off, blow ups up top too. But the fish just would not eat the damn bunker. Had something BIG on at one point where we drove 10knots to chase it and almost had it, but ended up busting off. Video on Facebook. Heard of some big bfts in the area but my guess, thresher. Peeled 25lbs of drag like it was wide open. Fun though. Anyway, a couple of blues and bluefish bites along with a ton of bass bites and all. Managed 4 bass out of somewhere around 30-40 and a couple blues. Solid action in the afternoon. Could not take the guys home. Have em a 12 hour day. And it paid off after a VERY slow morning.

Thursday 5/16 we had Jim, Sean, Brian, Murray, Jim an Lou out. Made bait pretty quick and headed to the fishing grounds. First stop, no bites. Made a move deep and had fish immediately, but they would freakin eat. Then yet started blowin the baits out of the water. Finally one one. Got em. Couple blues in the mix too. A few turned hooks and a couple pulled hooks. Had so much action, but was just too hard to hook em today. Ended up 4 for 12 on stripers and kept 2 blues. Murray had his 35lb fish on light tackle, very nice!

Tuesday 5/14 we had Bobby, Jim, Bob, Jim, Ed ad Larry out for a shot. Made bait quick with the net and loaded the well. Went looking and got a fish quick. Made a big move and got another bass right away. Then the blues moved in. Actually watched the bass and blues fight over the lives was depressing. All the blues you could want. Went looking some more with a few run offs but no good. Went back to where we were and put 3 stripes in right away. Blues again. Ripped our baits apart. Another bass or 2 then that was it. Called it a day and had 7 bass to 30lbs and kept 8 blues for the boys' smokers. Worked hard for em and got a couple.

Sunday 5/12, Mothers Day was a tough one. Had Jans charter out for the stripes. Went all over the ocean without even one bite. Very tough day. The guys drank a **** load of beers and enjoyed themselves at least.


5/10 PM TRIP
Round 2 the bunker were thicker and we were able to snag them much quicker. Again we had enough bait and went fishing. Stayed local and threw the livies out and almost immediately had blow ups, up on the surface. No hook ups. Didn't like what I saw so we made a move. Grabbed even more bait because they were so thick and took a ride. A couple more blow ups and got 1 fish. A couple more blows and pulled hooks and misses, caught another. We made it a fun day for the guys and boy did we put the effort in. Left the dock at 6:10am and got back at 6:30pm. Ended up 2 for about 12 live lining. The guys fished there asses off. But it wasn't easy hooking them today.

5/10 AM TRIP
Friday 5/10 we had Dave's crew of 4, Tj and Evan out to live line some bass. Broke the inlet early and saw bait all over, but very hard to get. Managed to snag enough and left to go fishing. BOOM! Fresh water pump on the motor goes and blows all anti freeze out! Uh oh. Limped in as far as we could make it but the anti freeze could not stay in the engine. Made a call to Capt Bill of Savannah Ray, that kind fellow gave us a quick tow (since we were outside the inlet) to APs Marina. Ran to the store got the new pump and anti freeze. Mate Darren did his "engineering" and we were back in the game by 11:15am. But, most of the bunker were dying.

Today we had Billy, Murray, Bob and Jim out for STRIPERS. Worked our way through the spotty readings of bait and ended up leaving it all. Next stop on the troll until the MOTHERLOAD of bass on the machine. Dropped jigs and caught a few. Made a couple of drifts and it was over. But the fish weren't hungry at first. They hot hungry and it was GAME OVER. Solid fish ALL JIGGING. Limits + bonus tags. Ended up with 12 fish + c and r. Fish were all around 20lbs.



Saturday 5/4 we had Arnold's crew of 3, Paul, Nick and Murray out for Stripers in the slop. Broke the fierce inlet to an angry ocean. Read bait immediately and looked around. Jigged on it and nothing. Read a few fish here and there but no good. Went way up north and trolled on some spread out marks and only managed a few blues and a couple misses. Looked the whole way back in some more bait and so more spread out readings but again no good. Went out in the deep and finally trolled up a nice bass around 20lbs or so. A pretty tough day on the water, especially trolling. But sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Sorry no photos today.


Today we had Murray, Charles, Lou, Al and Evan out for bass. Took a ride up again. Set up around 8am an it was game on. 2 - 3 on at a time. Fun fishing today for the boys! Had plenty of shorts to keep busy as well. Ended up with a limit + bonus tags by 10:30am. Total of 15 keepers to around 15lbs or so. Much nicer fish today. Made a drop for tog on the ride home, but it was no good, so the guys called it an early day.
Here we go!


Hey All,
We finally made it out! Had Allen, Brandon and his party out for a mix of stripers and blackfish. Took a ride ad caught the tide nicely. Baits in the water when the anchor came tight and we were on. Pretty productive morning with shorts and keeper stripers. Guys kept busy until slack tide. As the tide changed we re set and once again as soon as the anchor came tight we were on again. Had 7 keeper stripers and about a dozen shorts or so.
When we stopped catching bass we headed towards home. Made 2 drops for tog and the first was no good. Second drop wasn't too bad. Spent about an hour there and managed 4 keepers and a bunch of shorts. Called it a day and headed home with 7 stripes and 4 tog for the boys.
Thanks guys, pleasure seeing you again.


New Years Eve this year we had Bob, Murray, John and his crew for some blackfish. Headed right offshore in a stiff west wind. Within a few minutes we had a steady bite going. Picking PLENTY of fish at 14.75" and a couple keeps in between. Fish here most of the day until it slowed. Went inshore a bit to duck in from the wind, but not much life there but dogs. Went back out a little and more shorts and dogs. High hook at 4 or 5 keepers. John had the big fish at 7.5lbs. Called it an early day today. Decent day on the water. Good bite while it lasted. Thanks guys!


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