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6/4 AM We had Tom Krackos charter of 4 for bass. Made bait easy and off we went. Saw nothing. Ran all over the ocean and had 1 run off. Went back to where we started and we nailed a 40. Back at the dock at 12. With just the one.

Tuesday 6/3 PM - Open Boat crew of 6. Decided to move the trip to 12pm with the lack of catching in the AM trips. Took a while to get bait but once we set up, the mother load of readings and almost everyone was hooked up. Only got 3 in. Another drift and there they were again, put another 4 in live lining and pencil popping. Read em like that all afternoon and only managed a couple more bites and landing another. Had 10 bass attacking one bunker. Much better fishing, but something still has these fish not eating right. With the readings a party boat with 100 guys shoulda all hooked up! 8 fish to 41lbs for the afternoon.

Monday 6/2 AM - Open Boat crew of 6. Worst trip of the year so far. Only had to bites allllllll day. Hooked both, lost one and got one. Tried like hell all day but never happened.

Sunday 6/1 PM - Open Boat crew of 6. Back out to the grounds and the bass were ripping through the bunker schools. Scattered schools all had fish on them. Went 2 for 10 as the fish were angry. Never seen so many broken lines and pulled hooks in a matter of minutes. Bunker schools all came together and began to be tough to catch. Went looking and found em all alone. Blowing up on the baits and knocking the bunkers clear outta the water off the hooks. Got one more and lost a couple more. Right before dark had another shot got one and lost one. Too many run offs that didn't get tight. Pulled hooks etc... No ones fault, just couldn't get em. 4 fish to mid 30lb range.

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