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NJ Fishing Reports

Had Paul and his brother Alex for a fluke trip today. Arrived at the grounds at 7am and immediatly started hauling shorts. Finally after about 35 shorts we managed 3 keepers to 5lbs. Made moves all over, searching for a nice patch of fish. After catching another 20 shorts and missing some nice ones, we anchored up for some triggers. First drop put 3 nice ones right in. The fish got spooked and took off. Did a little more fluking before we headed in and only caught a few shorts. Bite slowed a lot. Being it was Paul and Alex's FIRST saltwater fishing experience, they didnt do so bad, even with a slow bite. Upside down spinning reels and all! Either way they had a fun time, caught a lot of fish and have a nice dinner ahead.

Had mate Jesse for a quick 4 hour bottom trip yesterday. Original plan was to target some tog and sea bass. Went north to some good bottom and read fish all over. Not a single blackfish to the boat. Loads of short sea bass brought up. At one point it was drop and reel trigger fishing. Had em hitting up top and all. Kept 12 for the table to around 5 lbs.
Today we had Nancy's Fluke charter with Tom, Ray and Vern. Fished Sea Girt Reef. Very slow fishing for us today as we had 3 keeper fluke and 3 keeper sea bass. Lots of shorts alll day! Just couldn't find the doormats today.
Today we had Jim, Anthony and Chev for some fluke. We headed to the north once again and it was TOUGH fishing. Lots of great action early with shorts, looking like it might be a decent day. Not. The bite shut down completely and nothing was going on. We stuck it out moving all over the place. We managed to pick 3 fluke to 5lbs and 2 sea bass. The guys were definitely here to have fun, and they did. They enjoyed themselves like I've never seen, especially for a slow day.
We had Sharkispy, Doug and Jim for the PP Elks Tournament. Fishing was pretty slow to the north, but we managed 4 nice fish in search for the winner. We had 2 fish around 4lbs and 2 right around 7lbs. The green flies ate us up pretty bad, but we had a great time fishing the tourny looking for the beast. It was a pleasure having them aboard. Nice job guys.
We had Tommy and Rob of Professional Divers in Neptune for an anchor recovery mission. (FAILED) Too deep in the wreck(Cranford). 1st dive they had 40ft visibility and they nailed 2- 4lb fluke and a 5.5lb sea bass. So I figured we were already out, lets see what else they can get. Brought them over to the Dykes next. It was a night dive. Tommy got a 3 to 4lb lobster and Rob got a nice 9lb fluke!
Teamed up with Capt Billy again on his 38 Fountain. Got to the grounds by 5:45am to see life everywhere. Didnt read much so we poked around. Capt Max gave us a shout and said he had fish by him, so we took a look. Baits busting all over. We did a few nice drifts in the general area and Jesse jigged up a 44". Went right back to where we started and Linda jigged a nice 46"(released). When the 46" was on there were BFTs ripping through and pushing water all over the place! It was an all out blitz. But thinking we had our over fish, we werent chasing those others busting. With a nice calm day with THICK FOG, it turned out alright. Read loads of fish and couple monsters swimming by! Had mahi by the boat for hours, but only 2 takers for the day. The fish are loaded out there, it was just hard to get em to eat!


Went out today with my Buddy Captain Billy Steadman of on his BEAUTIFUL 38 Fountain. Had his wife Linda and my buddy Jesse and I. Broke the inlet early to a nice ocean and headed to the blue water. Got to our target with lots of life around, but no fishies. So we sent out the spread for a bit and got nothing. Looked around and jigged and tossed some baits on a few marks and nothing. No scallop boats either. We started a nice chum slick and just before we fired up the motors, some mahi showed up. All 4 of us hooked up instantly to some decent little ones. Billy set me up with a chunk of salmon and handed me the rod and I pitched it in. Not 2 seconds later, a bull inhales it. It was great. Found a scallop boat just inshore of us with a very nice slick going. Only saw one bft hooked and boated. We searched around for a bit stopping on bait, whales and dolphins. And again, nothing. So we packed it in. It was a nice day out there and we had a great time going 5 for 5 on mahi to 17lbs.
7/11 - 7/15
Sorry, no reports this week. Doing boat maintenance so we can provide you a safe, clean and organized fishing machine! Please check back this weekend.
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Once again we had David's one man charter. This time for some sea bass and fluke. Started way north to pick up one nice fluke. Tried the deep and in on the beach, but NO DRIFT. At most we had 0.3knots. Tried the power drift and nothing. So we made the run south to SGR for some sea bass. Poked around a bit to pick 8 keepers and 1,000,000 shorts. After running all over the place, we ended up with 8 sea bass to 2.5lbs, 1 nice fluke and 1 nice ling. For one guy, that's not a bad dinner! We put in our effort! Was a nice day on the water though.
Had Paul's party out for some bucktailed fluke. Started off okay and slowed through lunch time. Lots of shorts once again today. After a tough day with NO drift, we ended up with 8 nice ones for the guys.
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Had Maurice and his son Charles out today for some fluke. Headed to the grounds and it was lock and load with short 17 - 17 3/4" fish. In between all of the shorts, we had some reeeeel nice fish on but just couldnt get em to the boat! After lots of laughs and Darren the mate getting his balls BUSTED by Charles(who is 13), we managed to pick 6 nice keepers. The fish are there, lots of em and they are big. Just gotta get em in the boat!
Had the inlaws for some INSANE bass fishing. Landed around 30 bass to 42lbs with 2 guys! Just straight up EPIC bass fishing. Blowing up on 10 different pods all over. Just ridiculous fishing. 4 on at a time every drop. Glad we got this again being July is so close. They snapped line after line and miss tons of fish with about 50 run offs! Being there first time bass fishing, they turned pro, quick!
Broke the inlet at 6am with Mike and Rich only today. Pretty sporty NE wind whipping in, so we waited it out till 12pm. Headed back out, made bait and looked to the north. Nothing, just loads of bunker. Headed towards SRI to see some bass sraying water. It was tough to stay on these fish today! But when we did, they ate. Had about 6 run offs and a coupla wacks. Got 3 stripes to 32lbs. Not bad considering the conditions most of the day. Nice Job today guys!
Broke the inlet at 12:30pm for a Fluke recon with Darren the mate and Darren Sr. Little bucktail mission. Caught about 20 fluke in 2 hours. Got 2 keeps 19 and 21". Read the mother load of bass, but no takers!*They were feeding on rain fish and moving FAST! coctail blues all over.
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Had Justin, Mike and Chris out for some after work bass. Broke the inlet at 5:15pm and took a ride. Thanks to my brotha Jerry and Max for the Heads up. Had our limit in 15 minutes! 3,4,5 on at a time! Then played catch and release mode before the storms. Had a few 37 lb fish all others averaged 25-30lbs. Back to the dock at 7:30pm, just in time!
Went out this afternoon to the usual spot and it was GAME ON once again! Had my sister out today and she got her first fish ever! 30 pounder live lining! Is there a better way to start???? The stripers are on fire! My buddies caught a bunch too! Pencil poppers and bunks. Kept only 4. We figured we'd let some live another day. Til tomorrow!


Had the Jim Ermer charter in the am. This morning we broke the inlet to a not so nice ocean. Made bait and READ THE CRAP OUTTA THE BASS, but no takers. Made the run waaaaaaay south to have nothing. Went back to the north just a bit and white water everywhere! Bass exploding all over. Keeping 2 bass for the guys. (Thanks to Capt Jerry P). Had the Jim Garchowski charter this pm. This afternoon we broke the inlet to a flat ocean. Headed just a bit south to some SICK BASSING! Blowing up everywhere! It was retarted. Threw the net real quick and loaded the well. Pitching bunks out and just getting wacked the second they hit the water. Pencil poppers and all. The guys had tags, so we LOADED UP! Fish today ranged from 22-40lbs After a long day on the water striper fishing, it was a great one. The live lining bass are just crazy right now! GET IT IN!
Had the Jay Yuhas charter today for some live lined bass. Got out early and again loaded the livewell with the net. Headed where we have been getting them. No action. Went to every other spot we USUALLY get them and nada, just a crap load of bass readings with no takers. Finally around 12pm we headed way south and put one in the box around 25lbs. And boy did we work hard for him! Jay his brother Steve and their Dad had a great time with very few run offs, but one bass for dinner tonight.(which was all they wanted to keep anyway). What can I say? Tough day out there today.
Had David's weekly charter again today. Tough to net bait today so we snagged a few. Made a move to the south for snag and drop action! We had dozens of run offs and crashes up top. Had our Striper limit by 8 am today. Fish to 37 lbs.
Had NJ Dave, Dave and his neighbor Joe out for some after work bass. Threw the net and LOADED the livewell. Headed north to read some fish. Boxed one after 6 run offs. Moved back to the south in the deeper water and it was game on! The guys got the limit + to 33lbs.

Great crew aboard today!
Today we had the hosts and producer of Pennsylvania's TV show Delaware Valley Outdoors. Mike, Steve and Bob were filming for there striper DVD release worldwide, coming soon. We broke the inlet at 2:30pm this afternoon and snagged a few baits. Thanks to Capt Rich for throwing the net and hookin us up with a bunch! Made a left and drove about 500 yards and GAME ON! We had all 30lb class fish goin nuts! The guys caught numerous trophies and kept there limit after an hour! They filmed some great footage including topwater aggressive bass, live lining and trolling. The guys were a pleasure to have. Look for the DVD release at a tackle shop or store near you!

Had the Dennis Roberts charter today with Joe, Ed and Tommy. Left the inlet with 50ft viz in soupy fog. Had a hard time making bait but finally did. Headed to where we have been getting them. My crew today definetly werent on there toes! From 730am-1230pm we went 0 for about 12. Tried another spot and the bass crashed EVERY bait when it hit the water! But only one 34lb beast commited to the bunker. Ended up 1 for 15 on those drifts! The guys had a great time despite the fish being pains in the ass. TONS of laughs with Tommys jokes all day! Great crew!
Had Billy, Al and Cindy today for some stripers. Nothing like live lining some bassss!! Got our limit by 11am and still catching! Bass blowing up on top, jumping clean out of water. Just exploding on the bunker!
Left inlet an hooked a left. Made bait in 30 minutes and headed north. Hooked a 26 pounder on the first drift. Lots of moving around and run offs. Around 11:30 hooked a nice 33 pounder and headed for home in the thick fog.
Left the dock at 3:30pm this afternoon. Made bait FAST! Went south and got right on the bass! Unfortunately, had some newbies and we went 4 for about 20. Lots of run offs. Fish all around 25lbs. The fish are blowing up. The bite is on!
Last minute trip after work for some live lined beasts. Made bait near SRI searched for 15 min and couldnt snag more bunker without gettin one on. Had our limit x 10! Some bigger fish around tonight. Fish ranged 27-37lbs.
Had Own Roberts charter aboard today. Broke the inlet to some SLOPPY seas. Wind blowing East at 20 knots, waves 3-5ft. We went down to Point Pleasant and made bait thanks to Capt. Joe G. Headed back to Belmar to live line a few. We got our asses kicked! The boys toughed it out as we took a few waves! Had about 10 run offs with lots of misses. The guys just had a tough time hooking the bass.
Had the Jim Plevyak charter today for some live line bass. Broke the inlet to see soupy fog. Bait was scarce by SRI so we made bait at MI. Went north to the rocks to get a few blue bites and land one bass to 25lbs, missing about 10 stripes. After our bait was gone, we headed back to MI to grab a few more pieces and headed back up to another spot, slamming a nice one about 30 lbs, again missing a few. All in all, decent day, just needed more bait. The guys were a pleasure to have on board and they had a great time with lots of laughs!
We had the Jessica Simon charter out of Pa today. Started by searching for bunker out of SRI and there was none. Ended up south of SRI jigging only to find blues. Tried trolling to the north, and more blues. Went up to the rocks to search around and got more blues. Went south to Manasquan Inlet found some life and only coctail blues. The charter kept 4 for their new smoker they were buying. Tough day all around an covered a lot of ground.
Last minute 6pm dock departure last night with Capt Chad on the Sea Soda and Jesse. Manasquan inlet was closed so Chad couldnt make it out. Broke the inlet to see tons of birds working the area. First hook up was a nice bass on a swimmer. After that, had a bunch of crashes but no hook ups really. Then we hooked a million blue fish, which was very annoying. Weeded through them to pick some nice fish on poppers and swimmers to 28lbs. Caught about 15 bass and 20 blues for the 2 hour trip, keeping only one bass for a friend who was begging. No bunker around and the fish were spitting up rainfish.
Monday we did a crew trip with my mate Darren and buddy Jesse. As usual it ended up a normal weekday bass trip. No boat traffic and TONS of bunker bass! We went 12 for about 30. Got our limit to 33lbs live lining bunker. On the way in got some 30lb+ fish on pencil poppers! The fish are aggressive and hungry.
Sunday we had 4 for an open boat trip. We started off the day searching for the bass but there was nothing. We set anchor for ling and kept about 15 or so. The bass bite turned on around noon and we ended up with 4 nice fish jigging and live lining.
Saturday we had 4 for an open boat trip. We had a tough day. Jigged for a bit but no fish. Trolled for about 6 hours and managed to grab one bass.
Had a couple buddies aboard for a last minute trip, one whos bass cherry we popped! Went north with a stiff wind yesterday afternoon, to find some more birds right where we left them Wednesday. Fish were finicky again and took a few drifts to see what they liked. Jigging some Jersey Jay 6oz crocs was the right choice! Had our 3 man limit in an hour and fished catch and release mode for 2 hours. All the fish were in the 15lb range, except the one 30lb/42in beast that took AJ for a ride! Its game on now!
Today we teamed up with Captain Rich K on his new ride. Had Chris G from Navionics/Raymarine and my mate Darren. Went north and saw lots of working birds. Read loads of bait and fish. After a tough week last week, it was great to see some bird life and aggressive fish. We boated somewhere around 20-30 fish all keeper size to about 15lbs, boxing 6 for the tables, all in just a few hours. The bass are here, lets hope they stick around for a bit!
We had an open boat trip with Big Joe, his little brother Nick(for his birthday) and Damian. We headed north at 6:30am and when I say north I mean it. Loads of readings up there early am. Once the fleet came it dispersed throughout. We managed to grab a few bass to 18lbs jigging and trolling. Again we covered miles and miles with marks out the wazoo! But the fish just wanted nothing. We had tons of fish on the surface and also following the crocs to the boat. Fish were caught on Jersey Jays 6oz croc and white shad umbrellas.
We had the Pat Kenney charter from Pa come out to fish. It ended up more of a very long boat ride. We covered miles and miles of ocean reading tons of bait and few fish and they just would not bite. Trolling and jigging were not on the bass' menu Saturday. The guys at least drank some beers and had a great time.
Today we had Brian from West Marine in Belmar come out with us on a "crew" trip. We left the dock with some fog and boy did it get super thick by Long Branch. We marked lots of bait and dropped the jigs for about a half hour. The fog made it too hard to follow the bait balls as they were moving quickly. We had about 30-40yards of visability. We turned back to head home by 9am and it took till about 11am to make it in. Just a bit dangerous out there today, better luck next time.
Crew trip today to kick off the season. So we fished some sloppy seas with a full moon. Tons of bunker on the bottom and lots of sand eels in the deeper water. Started with the jigs with no bites. Went trolling in the deeper water and hooked a very small fish and lost it halfway to the boat. So, we marked lots of bait, but no fish yet. Fished from Asbury Park to Sea Girt out to the 3 mile line, water temp at warmest was 45.0*F.


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