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Monday 6/2 AM - Open Boat crew of 6. Worst trip of the year so far. Only had to bites allllllll day. Hooked both, lost one and got one. Tried like hell all day but never happened.

Sunday 6/1 PM - Open Boat crew of 6. Back out to the grounds and the bass were ripping through the bunker schools. Scattered schools all had fish on them. Went 2 for 10 as the fish were angry. Never seen so many broken lines and pulled hooks in a matter of minutes. Bunker schools all came together and began to be tough to catch. Went looking and found em all alone. Blowing up on the baits and knocking the bunkers clear outta the water off the hooks. Got one more and lost a couple more. Right before dark had another shot got one and lost one. Too many run offs that didn't get tight. Pulled hooks etc... No ones fault, just couldn't get em. 4 fish to mid 30lb range.

Sunday 6/1 AM - We had Arben's charter out again for live lining. First thing in the morning the wolf pack came to the boat and blew up on every bait. Hooked a couple and of course lost em. One more quick shot at them with a few blow ups. Then nothing till 11am, they called it quits to go party in Belmar. Had the shot just didn't boat any.

Had Greg Schifcos annual charter for the Wounded Warrior King of the Consultants Striped Bass Tournament. Took a bit to get bait and went looking. Very slow. Some good reads but no bites on the live ones. Set up on a drift and nothing. Finally after a while we had plenty of fish circling baits but didn't even try to eat. Then a couple blues. Finally we captured a 25lb class fish. Went for another drift and immediately had a nice fish around 35lbs. So I knew we had a contender with today's fishing. Banged 2 others but time wasn't on our side right as they were starting to eat we headed for the barn at 12pm to make weigh in. So we ended with 4 fish and taking 4th place. Couldn't hold our title from last year, but it's a great cause for our veterans! Happy to be a part of it! Until next year! Thanks guys. Capt Kris

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