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Sunday 5/18 PM ran open with Bob, Chris, Andrew and his son, Kevin and Ron. Had bait so we went out and set up. Couple blues and some bass we had on and lost. More blues. Picked a couple bass to over 35lbs, then all blues again. Left there and found spraying bunker all over. Good bass reads here. First drift, 3 run offs. Second drift and we got a nice bass. Set up on anchor as the sun was going down. Had another nice bass and the use found us again.  Unbelievable.

Sunday 5/18 AM  we had Jim's annual charter. Got bait early and got to the spot and set up. Blues immediately. Had 1 bass in the boat pretty quick. Lost a few other bass on pulled hooks and one lost in the anchor. Good day of blue fishing bad day of bass catching.

Saturday 5/17 we had Magdiels charter. Got bait and set up. The guys refused to use chunks on sinkers and got torn up by blues the entire day with live bait. Lotta action for them, just all blues. That's that. Never had a charter that did not cooperate.

Had regulars Bob, Bob, Dan and Rachel out 5/15 for bass. Left early in the fog and went and got bait. Riding to the spot the screen was LOADED with good readings. Stopped the boat and everyone was on. There's no way it's gonna be this easy today, NOPE! All blues. Played with them and then made a short move. Same thing. Another short move and finally started getting some bass bites. First one by Mr Foley was jumbo, 30lbs+. So we weeded through a bit and managed 4 very nice fish. The biggest fish we've seen so far here in raritan bay. After the slack tide it was dead. Nothing. Called it a day and beat the rain and wind! Cancelled our charter tomorrow....

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