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Had regulars Bob, Bob, Dan and Rachel out 5/15 for bass. Left early in the fog and went and got bait. Riding to the spot the screen was LOADED with good readings. Stopped the boat and everyone was on. There's no way it's gonna be this easy today, NOPE! All blues. Played with them and then made a short move. Same thing. Another short move and finally started getting some bass bites. First one by Mr Foley was jumbo, 30lbs+. So we weeded through a bit and managed 4 very nice fish. The biggest fish we've seen so far here in raritan bay. After the slack tide it was dead. Nothing. Called it a day and beat the rain and wind! Cancelled our charter tomorrow....

Ran open 5/13 with ismellfishy, Paul, Chris, Ginny, Mike and Jim. Got bait first thing and threw the plugs out while we were looking. Got one pretty quick. Trolled a bit more but didn't like what I saw so we moved and set up on a drift withive baits. Didn't like that either. Went over to where we had em yesterday and put the baits back in. Couple window shoppers and ismellfishy's horrible horrible rig/whatever he calls it hooks a fish and after too long loses it. Mike got one like a pro. Jim let one run but couldn't hook up. Had enough of that and put the plugs back out. Rod goes off quick, ismellfishy lost that one too, thanks drew! Picked some more and lost a couple more. Wind against tide made it tough for us. They managed 6 good ones to around 20-25lbs.

Had Glenn Thomas's charter of 5 on 5/12. Came out and looked around saw some reads. Through the plugs in, got one and lost one. Picked up and decided to look elsewhere. Through the plugs in again and right about when I was gonna say pick em up let's grab bait now, one on. Couldn't even keep the plugs in the water. The boys boxed up their boat limit + by 9:30am. Tried to grab some bait and play around but it was too scattered. The boys wanted to troll a bit more and then headed home early.

Ran open Mother's Day with Bob, John, Jim, Jim, Albert and Doc. Well, we got to the grounds and the machine was lit up with readings. Put the plugs out at o dark thirty and it was game on. Had 6 fish to 20lbs in the boat in 15 minutes. A few more misses and one lost. Went back over for another pass. That was it. They vanished. The boys called it an early day. They didn't even want me to look anymore. Didn't catch limits, but it Beautiful day though! We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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