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NJ Fishing Reports

Had Jeff Rocco's charter for stripes today. Headed out in the thickkkkk fog and we were greeted with fish right away. The guys and gal got the job done quick today. Limit by 8am and boat limit by 9am. Boated over 20 fish today, 15 taking a boat ride home with us, a few shorts and a few releases on the day. Another great day! Called it an early one. Finally seems like spring is here!!!  Beautiful weather. I love it.

Friday 5/9 AM We had Dustin's charter of four. Headed out in pea soup fog, but that didn't stop the bass from eating. Put the plugs out and it was game on fishing. One after the other after the other. The guys had their limits + before 8:30am. Over 20 fish hooked, landing 12 to over 20lbs and one short.

Friday 5/9 PM We ran open with Wayne, Jim, Adam, Henry, Jim and Rod. Headed right back to where we were this morning and nada. Looked around with the plugs a bit and got one and 2 shorts. Moved a bit and found em real good. Better than the AM trip. Absolutely wrecked em. 8 yr old Adam laid the smack down on those fish. He put those Avet sx reels to work! Nothing better then

5/7 AM we had Lou, Al, John, Drew, Chuck and Larry. Got bait and set up on loads of bait and nice reads fish. Nothing on chunks but the livies were getting played with quite a bit. 1 run off and a few misses and that was that. Made a move and saw scattered fish so we threw the plugs in. Got 1 nice and a short finally. Set up with chunks in that area and again fish just playing with the live ones and just 1 run off. Nothing on the chunks... The guys stayed at the rail all day, but they weren't rewarded for there efforts. Frustrating morning for sure, another day of seeing loads of fish, but can't get em to eat.
5/7 PM we had Drew, Peter, Mike, Kevin and Evan. Went back to the spot from the am and within minutes we have a beauty on with a chunk. And that was it. Made a couple moves west on some nice marks, but again nothing. So we put the plugs in. Got a call from Capt Nelson who said he was starting to pick. Trolled our way to him and started to catch. Switched from the plugs to the wire with shads and started catching good. But just like that it stopped. Fish were absolutely loaded over here tonight. It's ashame we couldn't get more. Ended up with 6, 15-20lb fish and one lost, for the night.

Ran open boat today 5/6. Headed to the grounds a little late after getting bait. And put in the plugs. Nothing. Got a call from Capt Fred and shot over to him and finally got some fish to bite. Looked like lights out but after 3 nice fish, it turned off like a light switch. Searched for a bit and put the plugs in again, 2 more nice ones back to back, then a short. So I thought ok we got em now. Nope! Off like a light switch again. Looked all over plugs in the water and all we could grab were a few more shorts. Tortured the guys and kept em out later, but it just never happened for us. Good crew, tough fishing. Tomorrow's another day.

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