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Seabass fishing is for beginners and pros! Another fishery (when open) is in the Spring and Fall.

We use clams on a custom hi-lo rig with the sinker on the bottom. Some like to also add some Gulp to the hooks too, it works. Sometimes Gulp is all they want.

It's kind of like Blackfishing, but it really doesn't matter if your sinker is moving around. Ling is a great by catch while fishing for Seabass. Depending on the weather, you can drift instead of dropping an anchor. If is kind of rough out, you put a spread of 2 anchors instead of one, to reduce swinging fast. Most of these soft bait thieves are around 1-2lbs but some are 2-4lbs and even up to around 6-7lbs if your lucky! Grab your favorite rod and hop on board! Bring the wife and little ones on these trips! Photo 150 keeper Seabass & over 65 Ling for the 6 passenger crew!